Twitter Alert: Shock, horror at Rangers killing

Twitterati voice shock and anger over Rangers shooting incident in Karachi.

Naureen Aqueel June 09, 2011

KARACHI: Twitter erupted in shock and fury as news about the extra-judicial killing of a youth by Rangers personnel in Karachi surfaced. Pakistan's Twitterati voiced their dismay, horror, and anger, at the same time raising questions about the ability of the government and judiciary to deliver justice.

Here is a round-up of the top tweets:

Aamna Taseer

I get sadder and sadder as the days go by. Will we ever get justice? Or is that for the selected few?

AK Chishti

What happened today in Karachi has been happening in Balochistan for years – difference? Media is not allowed to show that genocide.

Shaheryar Mirza

For those asking, probably the only reason the video made it out was because his brother was a journalist.

Sabahat Zakariya

All the more convinced that my staunch opposition of gun and violence glamourizing kids at school was valid and the right cause.

Munizae Jahangir

I hang my head in shame as a Pakistani. I will sleep tonight with a heavy heart, knowing the law of the jungle prevails. We are all prey.

Faizan Lakhani

Sialkot, Kharotabad and Karachi - we're heading towards dehumanization of society.

Ammar Yasir

Just watched the Samaa footage and I feel like throwing up. This happened in Karachi, imagine the extra-judicial murders in Balochistan.

Omar Waraich

Would be very interesting to see how many inquiries Rehman Malik has ordered, and how many of them have been completed.



M.AKRAM KHAN NIAZI | 10 years ago | Reply Some Facts about murder of a boy by rangers in Karachi. It is a fact that boy has done some wrong thing, that was the reason that he was so much frightened and was begging pardon from rangers personnel. Due to some wrong doing boy have become hyperactive and emotional. Boy was not going to be calm down instead of many instructions of ranger’s personnel. Boy instead of becoming calm down and staying on its place was moving forward towards personnel who was having most sophisticated weapon, which is making the move of boy suspicious and causing irritation and alarm in rangers personnel. It is fact that ranger person who has fired on boy is also looking like a boy and not a mature person. It was the responsibility of other ranger’s personnel to keep away the boy from the young ranger's person who was having most sophisticated person. But other rangers personnel are looking very confused and panic and don’t have ability to control a boy who in fact was caught and beaten initially by a single ranger person, but later on we find that 6 rangers person were unable to handle and control this young boy. After shooting rangers persons and public failed to help the boy which is a great crime against humanity, all rangers and civilian people who were present there including camera man should be brought to justice for not helping a boy who was wounded and was going to die. M.AKRAM NIAZI
ZEESHAN AHMAD CHOUDHRY | 10 years ago | Reply Sailkot ,Kharotabad and now Karachi.. extrajudicial Killing. Forces covered 3 provinces of Pakistan... Kyber Pakhtoonkawah is next..*
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