SC orders plan for construction of Dadhocha Dam

Published: November 2, 2018
Supreme Court of Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

Supreme Court of Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has demanded the full plan from the Government of Punjab regarding the construction of Dadhocha Dam.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar heard the plea related to the construction of the dam on Wednesday. The CJP told the Punjab Additional Advocate General Qasim Chauhan that the provincial government was not aware of the water scarcity problem.

The CJP said the provincial government did not want to construct the dam since it had not done anything about its construction for a long time. He directed the additional attorney general to not appear in the next hearing.

Meanwhile, Senior Lawyer Naeem Bukhari has offered to donate Rs1,000 per second in the dam fund.

This came during the hearing of the dual nationality disqualification case at the Supreme Court against former Balochistan provincial assembly member Abdur Rauf on Thursday. The complainant’s lawyer Naeem Bukhari prayed to the court that he should be granted 120 seconds to speak. At this, the CJP remarked that at what price the court should allow him to speak. Bukhari responded that he would donate Rs1,000 per second in the dam fund for the time given to speak.

The CJP said he would not ask for money in the court because it would compromise his status as the judge. He remarked that he would not ask for money in the court. He added that a lot of money was coming in the dam fund and even children had been donating for the cause.

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The CJP remarked that it appeared the dam would be constructed with Rs8 billion.

Naeem Bukhari had requested the court to permit him as the lawyer in the case since his client’s previous lawyer had recused himself.

The top court rejected Bukhari’s appeal and said the client’s previous lawyer Kamran Murtaza may think that their case was no case for review. The court asked that on what grounds should the change of lawyer may be permitted.

The court rejected Bukhari’s appeal and directed him to contact Kamran Murtaza.

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