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Published: November 6, 2018

First-ever children’s cinema launches in Pakistan

In collaboration with Peak Freans Gluco, Cinepax has launched Pakistan’s first children’s cinema in Packages Mall, Lahore. Gluco Minipax features a play area equipped with toys, colouring books and tiny chairs and tables for the little ones to feel at home. The cinema is equipped with a variety of seating options ranging from regular cinema seats to curve loungers, sofa beds and bean bags to offer the best experience. Apart from that, a 10 metre tunnel slide extends from the back seats and shoots into a padded pit right below the screen. Minipax offers wholesome entertainment for both parents and children together.

Numra Salon

Are you in need for a spa day with all your girlies? Look no further, brainchild of Numra Waqas, Numra Makeup Studio and Salon has recently opened in Lahore. The salon is a perfect mix of aesthetic interior and exceptional service. Whether you are overdue for a simple facial or just want to try out some trendy treatments, Numra is the place to go. From mani/pedis to luxe skin and hair treatments to bridal and party make-up, Numra Makeup Studio has you covered.

Pencil House

Pencil House is a one stop shop for handmade portraits and customised accessories. If you are looking for someone that can paint a mural for you or create a thread installation for your space or even decorate the roof and dance floor for your wedding, Pencil House just might be the perfect place to go. To view their mind art visit facebook.com/pencilhouse1

Simple Dimple

Simple Dimple is a doorstep delivery service in Karachi that specialises in catering to your cravings. The e-restaurant has a multi-cuisine menu that serves lunch and dinner. The menu offers Thai beef/chicken basil, sweet chilli wings, khao suey, salads, pasta and much more. On the days you want to keep it OG, the menu includes a range of desi food items such as karhai, chicken ginger and kachumbar as well. For more information visit Facebook.com/SDKSP

Hopscotch Winter18 collection ‘Adventures of RobinLand’

This season, let your little ones sashay in style with the Hopscotch winter18 collection ‘Adventures of Robinland’. The collection consists of warm and comfortable pieces featuring vibrant colours and modish details. To view the amazing collection visit www.ilovehopscotch.com.

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