India rejects Pakistan demand for Chenab dams' inspection

Published: October 20, 2018


India has refused to permit Pakistan from inspecting controversial  water projects being built on the Chenab, Express News reported on Saturday.

President Alvi calls for engaging India in water talks

Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters Syed Mehr Ali Shah had telephoned his Indian counterpart PK Saxena on this account. Shah  reminded him of talks held in Lahore two months ago where both sides had spoken about Pakistani experts inspecting the projects.

Saxena rejected the Pakistan demand, according to Express News. Shah had earlier written to his Indian counterpart in this regard too. In the letter, he emphasised Pakistan’s right to inspect water projects being built on the river in accordance with the Indus Waters Treaty.

Pakistan had also sought pertinent data. This too India refused to provide.

Indian delegation arrives for talks on water issues

A Pakistani team was expected to visit India this month to inspect the water projects. India cancelled the planned visit at the last moment.

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