India anti-smuggling agency seizes shark fins worth INR450 million

Published: September 4, 2018
India banned the export of shark fins in 2015.

India banned the export of shark fins in 2015. PHOTO:FILE

India’s Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) claimed on Monday to have seized 8,ooo kilogrammes of shark fins worth INR450 million, Times of India reported.

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The eigtht-tonne cosignment was seized in raids conducted across Gujarat godowns. The shipment, declared to be ray skin, was destined for Singapore and Hong Kong. A container shipped already has been recalled, an official said.

Around 16,000 sharks would have been killed in connection with the eight-tonne consignment, according to the DRI. The agency is also trying to ascertain affected species.

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Four men have been nabbed in connection with the case. They have been booked for smuggling and illegal exports.

India banned export of shark fins in 2015. The ‘prized’ ingredient is often used to add texture to soup in the Far East.

This story originally appeared in the Times of India

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