Public reaction: Abbottabad residents overlooked in AMTH appointments

Published: August 12, 2018


ABBOTTABAD: Tehsil Municipal Council of Abbottabad in its session held on Thursday has shown strong reservations on recent appointments and making of further appointments in the Ayub Medical Teaching Hospital (AMTH) by the BOG (Board of Governors).  The Council also said that BOG has surpassed their mandate as they were appointed for the interim period and were not authorised to make these appointments.

During the Tehsil council session, it was said that the BOG had advertised the available posts. Earlier, the advertisement asked Abbottabad residents to apply for the jobs, however, later the ad was changed and extended to people residing anywhere in K-P. This modification is highly unjust to the locals as the have the first right to low cadre jobs. The locals stated that they will resist it at all cost as BOG is also making some more decisions which are technically illegal, such as giving promotions to their like-minded staff who does not qualify to be promoted.

Tehsil council was presided by the Naib Nazim Sardar Shujja. The issue was addressed by a large number of Tehsil Council members which includes Tehsil Nazim Ishaque Sulemani, Dildar Awan, Advocate Malik Waseem, Saiqa Nousheen, Sardar Sher Dil, Dr Nadeem and many others. They set the deadline of August 10 for the reversal of orders and to appoint only locals as per earlier advertisements otherwise on August 11, a protest rally will be held in front of the BOG office.

It was said that as per rules, the appointments up to grade 7 will be made from Abbottabad district and from 7 to 16 from Hazara division and will go to the last extent to stop BOG from making illegal appointments.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 12th, 2018.

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