Candidates trying to woo voters in Rakhshan belt

Deprived people now know very well whom to vote for

Our Correspondent July 21, 2018
The cry for real representation is echoing across Balochistan as the current picture lacks capable leadership. PHOTO: EXPRESS

QUETTA: With barely four days left for the general elections, all candidates in the Rakhshan belt of Balochistan have started caring for the people. It is nothing new for them to woo the people into voting for them. However, this time around, there seems a change in the people. They have started to ‘question’.

The Rakhshan belt - which covers a large territory, even bigger than the Khyber-Pakhutnkhwa province - is amongst the most backward regions.

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It includes entire Washuk, Noshki, Chaghi districts and some parts of Kharan district.

The funds allocated for this resourceful land in the budget have always been equal to nothing. And the elections are like a two-month theatre play, where the director instructs the junior artist about his role or else. The deprived people of the area are also made happy by riding in big cars. Of all that, this time a questioning public is being considered as a positive change.

The competition over the seat of NA-268 Rakhshan is intense. Candidates of Balochistan National Party-Mengal, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal and an independent one are vying for the seat.

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Positions of PPP's Sardar Omar Gorgaij, Muhammad Hashim Notezai of BNP-M and independent candidate Fateh Muhammad Hasni are looking stronger than others.

On the other hand, for PB-42 Kharan, Sanaullah Baloch is standing like a mountain in front of Mir Karim Nusherwani. It is said that Nusherwani is well aware of the ground-tackling strategies of Kharan, while Sana lacks expertise.

In PB-33 Noshki, Amanullah Notezai is also losing ground in front of other candidates. But historically, sudden change in political conditions by the grace of unseen "supernatural" force was always accepted silently. Now, only the result of the polling day can tell what is to come this time?

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The Rakhshan area is more deprived as compared with other parts of Balochistan. The land full of resources deserves a better leadership and representation. The cry for real representation is echoing across Balochistan as the current picture lacks capable leadership.

With so many pledges made by the candidates to the downtrodden people about addressing their issues, the political atmosphere throughout the province is emanating a positive vibe. The general elections will prove a turning point in the history of the province as people are much aware of their rights now.


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