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Published: July 16, 2018

Meat the Cheese is a joint venture by Mustafa Totana, Head Coach and Owner of Fit in 5, and his two younger brothers Muffadal and Yousuf Totana. The inception of Meat the Cheese is rooted in the plain and absolutely pure love for fine cuts of meat and different types of cheese that the brothers share. Karachi, although a melting pot of some of the best cuisines; lacked good quality and authentic options in that regard. One had to try quite a bit to find a tender, juicy and flavourful piece of authentic tenderloin steak. This and the spirit of entrepreneurship led to the birth of the Concept behind MTC- a modern cheese cellar lounge that would be a hub for all hardcore meat and cheese lovers serving over 12 different types of organic, unprocessed cheese. An R&D period of more than a year helped them gather the best team of chefs that would create an experimental and bold menu unlike any other in Pakistan with delicacies that offer an experience in every bite. MTC is also planning to launch in Lahore in a couple of months – a city of food lovers where a good “melt-in-your-mouth” steak is rare to find. Additionally, over 6 new variations to the original menu, with new styles of cooking, prime meat cuts and bold new flavours are launching this month to give their customers new reasons to keep coming back!

Bold As Barbecue Burger

The latest addition to the menu, the Bold as Barbecue burger just melted in our mouth! The super soft patty made of shredded beef, topped off with melted cheese and a delicious fresh bun – this has become our favourite burger in town!

Deep Fried Pride

We went to cheese heaven after devouring this dish! The Deep Fried Pride is chicken stuffed with three types of cheeses in a bay of cheese sauce. It truly is a cheese lovers dream come true!

Eye For An Eye

If you’re a carnivore you can’t pass up on this bone-in ribeye steak – juicy to the core and cooked just right this beauty is served with mozzarella stuffed potato cubes green beans and blue cheese sauce!

Cheesy Mushroom Fries
The Cheesy Mushroom Fries were a total hit with us! These fries loaded to the max with creamy cheese and mushroom sauce will satisfy ALL your French fry cravings. YUM!

Chipotle Bee-Eef-Eff  Burger

Unlike many beef burgers we’ve had this burger in chipotle sauce with melted cheese is served with sweet potato to beef up the matter! This burger can definitely become your go-to dish at Meat the Cheese!

Tender Loving Loin

This soft and juicy tenderloin steak is served with pan seared baby potatoes and sautéed vegetables. You can enjoy it to the fullest with pepper or blue cheese sauce, either way you can’t miss this hot seller!

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  • Anum Imran
    Jul 24, 2018 - 4:55PM

    The concept is good, but they haven’t been able to pull it through. The quality of the food/ implementation of the concept needs major improvement. The decor/ interior is very boring too.Recommend

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