Kharotabad incident : ‘Officials stole valuables from corpses’

Video footage shows police official separating chain from body and pocketing it in a dubious manner.

Shezad Baloch May 23, 2011


The residents of Kharotabad have handed over another sensational video to media houses in which a police official is pocketing a valuable, presumably a gold chain or a necklace, recovered from a corpse.

The footage also shows personnel of the Frontier Corps (FC) and police officials opening indiscriminate firing on five Chechen suspects who were at that time lying injured near the FC picket.

The video shows a police official first separating the chain from the body and putting it in his pocket in a dubious manner. Despite the fact that suspects were injured and lying near the picket, the police and FC personnel were continuously shooting them.

“This shows that the professional investigators were not collecting evidence or searching the dead bodies,” said an official who is familiar with this profession.

The autopsy reports had already established three women and two men had died of bullet wounds. The report would be submitted to the authorities concerned by today.

Addressing a news conference at the Quetta Press Club, residents of Kharotabad said police had made illegal demands on the foreigners before carrying out the “fake encounter”.

The residents were flanked by Provincial Joint Secretary Tehrik-e-Insaaf Saifur Rehman.

“The Chechen nationals were unarmed and possessed no explosive material. They were carrying prayer books, shampoos and some cloths,” the residents said.

They have demanded that the responsible security personnel and police officials should be brought to justice through an impartial inquiry.

Interestingly, Quetta Police Chief Dawood Junejo had also been transferred and was made officer on special duty on the day of the incident. The acting Inspector General Ghalib Ali has taken additional charge of Capital City Police Officer.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 23rd, 2011.


minat khan | 10 years ago | Reply not only shameful!! at is very very shamefu for all of us all of pakistani gov:
aliya | 10 years ago | Reply muslim brotherhood is under a huge crisis now there exists nothing like brothrens, everyone getting advantage of excuse of 11th september 2001 as a responsible event to do anything unlawwfully these FC jawans are also a part of this Muslim society they think themselves powerful with these Guns in these hands they feel that they have a backup support of their seniors who are equally responsible for such events they are now totally unable to perform those acts which they had been taught during their trainng .their job nature demands them to remain loyal to their duties but it does not direct or instruct them to kill unarmed persons without doing any investigation . does it make any sense to make such brutality .MUSLIMS SHOULD NOT BECOME VICTOMS AT HANDS OF OTHER MUSLIMS . i feel pity upon them for such illegal kind of thoughts ISLAM as a religion is a packet of universal humanitarian teachings do read this writing & OPEN YOUR BRAINS USE YOUR BRAINS WHICH OTHERWISE REMAIN UNUSED JUST LIKE NEW ......................................................................................................................
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