Driving woes: Murree Road clogged as people throng parks

Published: June 19, 2018
People stuck in traffic near Daman-e-Koh. PHOTO: EXPRESS

People stuck in traffic near Daman-e-Koh. PHOTO: EXPRESS

ISLAMABAD: Murree Road remained clogged with traffic from G-7 to Lake View Park as thousands of motorists from Rawalpindi and other cities rushed to the capital’s parks and recreational spots on Eid. Traffic jams were witnessed around Lake View Park through the day.

While traffic situation on most roads was normal, snarl-ups were witnessed on Murree Road, Daman-e-Koh Road and other recreational spots

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) also launched a special campaign against motorcyclists involved in one-wheeling, driving without silencers and helmets. However, traffic policemen were greatly outnumbered by motorcyclists. An ITP spokesperson said that 800 motorcyclists were fined for one-wheeling and 200 bikes were impounded on the first day of Eid alone.

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Police said they had set up 20 check posts on Eid to check for one-wheeling and other traffic rule violations.

SSP-Traffic Farrukh Rasheed said one-wheeling was a dangerous and illegal activity which risks not only the lives of those involved in it but also of other road users. He appealed to the public to inform their children of the hazards of one-wheeling and discourage them from engaging in it.


Meanwhile, One wheeling, the dangerous activity, continued unchecked on various roads of the city particularly during Eidul Fitr holidays as motor bikers, mostly teenagers, were witnessed performing dangerous stunts and driving their motorcycles on one wheel on various busy roads of the city.

One-wheelers are not only putting their own lives in danger but they are also a threat to other road users that is why stern action is being taken against them.

The one-wheelers were seen on roads near Committee Chowk, Nawaz Sharif Park, Shamsabad, Ayub Park, Saddar and several other areas especially during Eid holidays and usually succeeded to dodge the traffic wardens deployed on the roads.

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These motor bikers not only endanger their own lives but also pose serious threats to others and interrupt traffic flow.

One wheeling by young motorcyclists, risking their life and public as well, on busy roads of the city is continuing unchecked, he said.

Despite, all efforts being claimed by police to eliminate the activity, the trend of one-wheeling is increasing and growing at a very fast pace. There was a time when only on occasions like Independence Day, a few youngsters would bring their motorbikes on the roads for one-wheeling. But now this deadly stunt is gaining popularity among the youngsters.

These bikers do not take any precautionary measures like wearing helmets, elbow guards etc. and come out on roads on every important occasion, using any excuse possible to endanger the lives of others on the road. Whether it is Independence Day, 23rd March, Eid, New Year or even when the Pakistan cricket team wins a match, these bikers run through the roads doing their one-wheeling antics thus putting their lives in danger.

Though, traffic wardens were deployed on the city roads, but they were unable to save the citizens of Rawalpindi at the disposal of fun-loving teenagers who tend to break the traffic laws the way they want to.

The youngsters who resort to one-wheeling often carry out dangerous stunts like lying flat on motorbikes, driving their bikes in standing positions and driving with their backs facing the steering of motorbikes.

A youngster, Mohsin, said that although one-wheeling is a dangerous sport, he sees no harm in it on special occasions.

He said motorcyclists demonstrating one-wheeling and other stunts and monitor the positions and response timing of police personnel.

Despite there being policemen present on the roads especially Murree Road and GT Road, they still manage to find enough space for their stunts

Traffic authorities when contacted agreed that one wheel driving is posing a serious challenge to Rawalpindi city traffic police. “It is a serious problem and several accidents have been reported to us. We are working to adopt counter measures but it has to be realised that escaping on motorbikes is much easier as compared to cars, which makes it easier for the perpetrators to get away,” stated a senior traffic police officer.

The City Traffic Police (CTP) spokesman informed that under their on-going campaign against one-wheelers 34 FIRs were registered during this Ramazan and the rules violators were sent behind the bars. He informed that special squads were deployed at main points particularly Murree Road, flyovers, Peshawar Road, Mall Road, Airport Road and other important roads of the town. Moreover, he said the citizens especially parents should play their role to curb the activity as one wheeling, rash and negligent driving are the main causes for fatal accidents. ‘The efforts to control the activity will continue and cases will be registered against one-wheelers,’ he added.


However, according to the public, police remained a silent spectator to stunts the local youth were performing on the streets of Jhelum. Boys as young as 14 years of age were seen racing their motorbikes with no fear of law.

Citizens criticised the authorities for allowing the youth to endanger theirs and other people’s lives and limbs. Young people took to one-wheeling and fish-riding all through the day with no police to stop them from rash driving on city roads.

‘Police are wasting time on catching one-wheelers because they are juveniles and no law applies to them. However, these youngsters remain a public nuisance and laws against disturbing public peace could apply to them,’ a resident of Jhelum said.

with additional input from Raja Naubahar in jhelum and APP 

Published in The Express Tribune, June 19th, 2018.

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