Eid shopping gains momentum in Quetta

Published: June 12, 2018
People, mostly ladies, throng Churi Bazaar for shopping after Iftar. PHOTO: EXPRESS

People, mostly ladies, throng Churi Bazaar for shopping after Iftar. PHOTO: EXPRESS

QUETTA: With just a couple of days left for Eidul Fitr, a large number of people of the provincial capital and those of remote areas thronged the markets for shopping.

Most people visit the markets for shopping in the evening in order to avoid the scorching heat of the summer season, especially in Ramazan due to fasting.

A large number of people, hailing from remote parts of the province, have reached Quetta for shopping as Eid is expected on Friday or Saturday, depanding on the sighting of the Shawwal moon.

“I have come to Quetta from Noshki to buy shoes and clothes for my children, but the shopkeepers are taking undue advantage of the sudden rush of public,” said Muhammad Siddique. “They have increased the prices, making Eid shopping for the poor class even tougher.”

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Quetta’s hand-made shoes are famous throughout the country because of their long-lasting guarantee.

Alamdar Road and Hazara Town are the only markets where hand-made shoes attract citizens.

A trained hand-made shoemaker Muhammad Hadi, who has been running his shop for a decade said, “We have been making shoes and Chawat (local sandals) with our hands.”

Hadi said, “Shoes being prepared in our factories are made of pure leather. They are more comfortable than other shoes and last longer. In Quetta, hand-made shoes by the Hazara community are famous.”
People from the middle and lower classes are consecutively visiting the markets of hand-made shoes as they are low in terms of price as compared with shoes made by companies.

Eid shopping gains momentum

One of the visitors, Mehdi Hassan, said, “We can’t afford branded shoes as they are quite expensive for the lower class; therefore, we prefer hand-made shoes as we can get them on lower rates and they are of good quality.”

Despite public complaints the district administration is completely unable to prevent shopkeepers from looting public during Eid shopping.

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