The Vault: Zantiana Saqib

Published: May 23, 2018

Gift connoisseur, Zantiana Saqib of Keepsakes by Zantiana speaks to us about how she started using her creative ability to blend different ideas and innovative concepts together into arresting new forms by making the perfect gifts and invites that definitely make for memorable keepsakes! From what inspires her, to her favourite design, to what her future plans are; she tells us all!

How and when did you decide to choose this career path?

I had never planned to be a gift connoisseur but had always enjoyed making elaborate invites and giveaways for my children’s birthdays. My mother encouraged me to create my son’s birth announcements 10 years ago and I received an overwhelming response from friends and family. I began getting requests for orders on its design and in turn, “Keepsakes” was born.

Share a memorable story with us about a design you made?

A giveaway I designed for a client was replicated multiple times by gifting stores as well as gift specialists and sent to me as a gift several times, which was rather amusing!

What inspires you and how do you conceive your designs?

All forms of art are a source of inspiration for most of my designs. I usually start off with a mood board and build it up with various ideas, sketching and sampling and eventually creating the perfect artistic gift.

Is there any design that you are emotionally attached to and why?

The ‘Bed of Roses’ I designed for my niece’s birth announcement is deeply personal as I spent a great amount of time and effort on it.

What kind of products does your collection comprise of?

We try to make each collection suitable for everyone – both genders and children. From home products, to watch boxes to fancy boxes with silk scarves, we try to make our product the ultimate gift for anyone, wrapped elaborately yet elegantly to utmost perfection.

Describe your style of work in three words.

Clean, detailed, effective.

What is your Ramazan collection all about?

Our Ramazan Collection is a “Bundle of Blessings” for your loved ones. We have beautiful dupattas, English Quran, dates, Ittar, scented candles in antique mirror boxes, “Double Blessing” drawers and “Ramadan Kareem” high gloss finishes all tied up with our signature band.

What do you have planned for children in your upcoming collection?

For the girls we have floral personalised bags, pink stitched scarves and skirts along with a digital tasbih, striped foam prayer mat and Ramazan book. For boys, we have a fun personalised denim bag and prayer cap with a plush prayer mat, Ramazan book and digital tasbih. Children will enjoy their Ramazan, showing off their gift bags and will be encouraged to pray on their new mats and coverings with their elders.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I absolutely love yoga, watching Netflix with my daughter and goofing around with my younger children.

Is there anything on your radar that you wish to make in the future?

We want to venture into corporate gifts with an edge for they currently lack meaning and are rather monotonous.

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