Daily Grind: With Basim Akhund

Published: May 24, 2018

Always on the go, professional chef and dog lover, Basim Akhund shares his daily routine with us and how he juggles between his job as a cooking show host/chef and personal life


I jump out of bed and the first thing that gets my day going is a cup of black coffee. My breakfast consists of a six egg white omelette, a brown toast and another cup of black coffee. Before heading to work I feed my dog Wilson, who’s constantly running after me till I leave.   


I’m in my office and the first thing I do is go through my emails, which usually consist of new recipe design requests from clients. 


I start my research for new recipes as I go through different culinary books. I usually prefer books over the Internet as they have much more to offer as opposed to the Internet, that only gives you what you ask for. I prepare the content for my show during this time. 


It’s time to get ready for my live cooking show and during this time I take a quick lunch break which usually consists of a sandwich. I’m not really finicky about food as long as I eat on time. I take out my recipe card of the day which consists of all the ingredients I need for the day. I believe in fresh ingredients, hence when I’m done packing all the dry spices I head out to shop for the day’s fresh ingredients. If I make meat, fish or chicken it needs to be fresh and of the best quality.


I’m at the Hum Studios. I reach an hour and a half before my show goes live because I have a team of 20 people I have to sit down with and discuss the days show and the two recipes that are going to be made. I usually tell my director where I want my cameras to be situated. We also discuss any glitches that occurred in the previous show and how to improve on them. It’s all about team work. 


My show goes live by the name of Flame On Hai and I’m cooking in front of the camera. I feel when your passion becomes your profession, work becomes a blessing. During my show I take live calls and I cook two new recipes every day. The show ends in an hour and we call it a wrap. 


Some food photography is done and the whole team meets again on the sets. We discuss how the show went and I take everyone’s input from my helpers to my cameraman. I believe that when we work in a team, everyone is equal. It’s like a chain reaction because we all have something to contribute and the smallest contribution leads to the smooth functioning of the final product, which over here is the show. 


I’m at the gym and this is my time. For the next one hour I’ll train followed by  a hot shower and then home.


I’m home and the first thing I do is have another cup of coffee and this time Wilson joins me even though he can’t sip on coffee, but he gets some fresh yoghurt instead. 


I sit with my family and have dinner. No matter how busy I am, I make it a point that everyone sits together for dinner because one should give time to family no matter how fast-paced our lives are. 


I plan my next day and figure out dates for any shoots that are coming my way because food design is part of my job for other companies as well. I read through articles and new recipes by my favourite chefs and I watch some culinary shows to keep myself updated. 


It’s time for Wilson’s dinner and once he’s done he comes and sleeps on his bed which is in my room. I get into bed as it’s been a long day and pass out. 

12.30 am:

I’m fast asleep by now!

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