Hockey legend Mansoor Ahmed to receive Pakistan’s first mechanical heart aid

Published: April 30, 2018


KARACHI: For the first time in Pakistan, a unique technology is being introduced to treat heart patients, whose left or right valves have become dysfunctional, enabling them to have mechanical hearts valves implanted.

Former goalkeeper of the Pakistan hockey team, Mansoor Ahmed will be the first patient to have this device implanted.

On the request of the head of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) in Karachi, Professor Nadeem Qamar, world famous heart transplant surgeon Dr Pervez Chaudhry has joined the institute.


Pakistan’s hockey World Cup winner looking towards India for heart transplant

The use of this new technique is the result of the efforts of Prof Qamar. The head of the hospital has also given an order to an American firm to implant a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) in Ahmed. It will be implanted next month at the NICVD.

The use of an LVAD allows patients to live normal lives in cases where they otherwise would not be able to do so.

The hospital’s administration has begun work to offer new and advanced procedures to cardiac patients.

Ahmed has been suffering from complex cardiac issues for the past several years. Two years ago, a cardiac resynchronisation device was implanted in his weak heart, after which he was able to lead a normal life.


However, his cardiac issues resurfaced this year, after which Prof Qamar contacted Dr Chaudhry to intervene. He requested the surgeon to visit Pakistan and join the hospital to save several precious lives, including that of the former hockey team player.

Hospital administrator Dr Hameedullah Malik told Express News that Dr Chaudhary has indeed joined the institute. According to Dr Malik, all preparations for Ahmed’s procedure have been completed. He attributed the success of implanting a mechanical device in the heart to Prof Qamar.

Dr Malik said this is the first time the LVAD is being introduced in Pakistan. A mechanical device is inserted in the right side of the patient’s heart. Due to the procedure, the right side of the heart will start functioning with the help of the device.

He shared that the new technique is receiving acknowledgment and that this technique is a ray of hope for cardiac patients.


Indian hospital offers free heart transplant to Pakistan’s hockey legend

Patients whose hearts stop functioning are candidates for LVADs. Dr Malik said that the cost of the procedure is very high but it will be provided free of charge at the NICVD. He thanked the Sindh government, saying that the chief minister has supported the institute and played an important role in ensuring treatment for poor patients with the most advanced technology.

Contrary to media reports that Ahmed had refused to be treated at the NICVD and instead wanted to undergo a heart transplant in India, Dr Malik said he is still under observation at the facility.

He said that currently, the team of doctors is trying to control Ahmed’s dehydration that he has been suffering since his lungs were filled with water. According to Dr Malik, there is no one to look after him and he has not turned down the hospital’s offer of the free of charge procedure as long as he recovers completely after the surgery.

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