Startup reveals vision for air taxi launchpads

German startup Volocopter envisions creating circular launchpads called "Volo-ports"

Tech Desk April 19, 2018
German startup Volocopter has unveiled their project to build the first air taxi. PHOTO: VOLOCOPTER

German startup Volocopter has unveiled its vision for an air taxi system.

“The vision integrates air taxis into existing transportation systems and provides additional mobility for up to 10.000 passengers per day with a single point to point connection,” states the website.

According to The Verge, the stations would include conveyor belts and elevators that would lead to charging ports and swappable batteries.

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The company’s idea for a citywide air taxi network seems very aspiring given the technology hasn't developed to a more concrete stage. At the moment, the company envisions creating circular launchpads called "Volo-ports" that would facilitate take-off and landing of Volocopter’s 18-rotor 2X electric aircraft.


“We want to make humanity’s dream of flying come true and help modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues,” according to the website.


After the copter lands, they will be moved via the conveyor belt to an indoor hanger where passengers will exit.

The aircraft will then be transferred via an elevator to the parking garage where the maintenance team will look for any possible damage before it takes off again.

The company intends to launch the world’s first multicopter with a certificate for a manned flight.


“It’s about mass transportation of people and how it can be done in a safe way and with what infrastructure,” Alexander Zosel, Volocopter’s co-founder and chief innovation officer, told The Verge.

Zosel is aiming to take off and land air taxis every 30 seconds so that the aim of inexpensive and accessible flights can be achieved. He has further added that he hopes to have a prototype station up and running by next year.

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The company has demonstrated flights in Germany and Dubai which is also where the company is likely to launch its aerial taxi service.

This article originally appeared on The Verge


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