Islamabad has had some success in reducing violence: US Defence Intelligence Agency

Published: March 7, 2018


Islamabad’s counterinsurgency operations have had ‘some success in reducing violence’ in Pakistan, a report by the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) stated.

The report, which was submitted to US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, is a worldwide threat assessment prepared by the DIA and reflects the “complexity, diversity, and scope of today’s challenges to US national security” and aims to better understand the global challenges the US faces.

US sees ‘positive indicators’ from Pakistan on fight against terrorism

Referring to Pakistan in the report, the DIA said, “Islamabad is likely to proceed with its counterinsurgency operations and border management efforts along its western border while sustaining counter-terrorism and paramilitary operations throughout the country.”

Stating that these efforts have had some success in reducing violence in the country from “militant, sectarian, terrorist, and separatist groups.”

The report further said that Pakistan will look towards the US and the Afghan government for “support against anti-Pakistan fighters in Afghanistan.”

It also referred to Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile, stating the country is “increasing its nuclear stockpile and developing tactical nuclear weapons and new ballistic missile systems.”

“In January 2017, Pakistan conducted the first test launch of its nuclear-capable Ababeel ballistic missile, demonstrating South Asia’s first MIRV payload, and in early July, Pakistan demonstrated an expanded-range Nasr CRBM,” the report reads further.

US points fingers at ‘deficiencies’ in Pakistan’s counter-terrorism finance regime

The report further pointed towards skirmishes on the Line of Control (LoC), and said that a continued exchange of heavy fire between Indian and Pakistani forces along the Line of Control poses a risk of inadvertent or gradual escalation of hostilities.

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  • Arshad Farooq
    Apr 23, 2018 - 10:24AM

    What USA, so called Champion of peace is doing fto stop the killing of innocent people in Syria, Indian held Kashmir and Palistine. Down with hypocrites and fake human rights compaigners, so called super powers. They killed millions of peaceful , innocent, armless, men, women and childern in the name of peace and wars against terror.Recommend

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