9 hilarious Twitter reactions to Oscars 2018

Published: March 5, 2018


Apart from the actual winners themselves, the hilarious memes that emerge out of awards ceremonies are the best part of the night.

Sunday’s Academy Awards proved to be no exception, as witty social media trolls hopped online within seconds of the show start to create memes that will leave you laughing all year long.

Jennifer Lawrence steals the limelight at the Oscars yet again

After a night of memorable performances, surprise wins, and amazingly hilarious celebrity reaction shots, it’s no surprise that the memes from the Oscars are on point.

Here are a few that are well on their way to becoming all-time classics.

Paying Meryl Streep respect the right way!

The Academy is not messing around with their envelopes this year.

Jennifer Lawrence climbing over a chair and not falling down garnered massive applaud!

Meryl Streep dressed as Fairy Godmother was our fairy tale come true!

When fans didn’t agree with the winners honoured with the prestigious awards:

Last, but definitely not the least, we give a thumbs up for not repeating last year’s snafu!

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