Denim fur: The fashion trend of the hour

The accessory is the new fad to hit ramps as an alternative to real fur

Entertainment Desk March 03, 2018

Fashion is constantly evolving in order to adapt to the demands of the modern age. This year alone we’ve seen peculiar products such as crotchless jeans and denim bustiers hit the market, in addition to the return of former fads including wide belts and Juicy Couture tracksuits. Denim fur is the latest trend to hit the catwalk as an alternative to real fur, reported The Independent.

Designer Tiziano Guardini has teamed up with ISKO Creative Room to co-create the material, which has been made using certified organic cotton and pre-consumer recycled cotton.  While the denim fur obviously doesn’t look identical to real fur, ISKO, the world’s largest producer of denim, thinks that it can be used to embellish clothes in the same way that real fur has done in the past.


“We believe that denim fur can be a responsible, fun, hype and cruelty-free alternative to animal fur,” Fabio Di Liberto, brand director of ISKO told The Independent. “Sustainability is a difficult concept, dynamic and multidimensional. ISKO is working with its partners to raise awareness and to change the way people think about denim, within the industry but also with consumers.”

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It seems that a number of people are on board with this bold new trend, with several expressing their admiration on social media. "I am so in love with the denim fur. So creative and effective," one person commented on an Instagram post of Guardini's collection shared by ISKO. Others have left remarks on Guardini's Instagram page, writing that they believe his designs are "very beautiful" and "wonderful".

Guardini has always had an affinity for sustainable materials, which he explained to The Independent.


"I've always wanted to create fur alternatives and have in the past tried a number of different looks - my first creation was made from pine needles! Western countries do not need to use animal furs but some fashion houses continue to do so. I'm hoping that by creating a sustainable alternative such as denim fur we will be able to show people that fur alternatives are just as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as the real thing."

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