Emerging film-maker Saira Mansoor gets nominated for the Asia Peace Film Festival

‘Golden Ticket’ will also be screened at the Cefalu Film Festival in Italy

February 28, 2018

KARACHI: The short film titled Golden Ticket, directed and written by Saira Mansoor, was nominated in the Asia Peace Film Festival, Karachi and officially selected for the Cefalu Film Festival, Italy, stated a press release.

Golden Ticket has been shot in Italy with people from all over the globe and was screened on February 25 at the Asia Peace Film Festival. It will be screened on May 1, 2018, at the Cefalu Film Festival.


The film deals with the importance of belief, with the focus being on the undying relation between the Creator and His creation. The story uses a metaphorical character that represents opportunity and meets different people, giving them their “golden ticket.” This way, Saira tries to depict how having faith can get you opportunities anytime, anywhere.

The narrative of Golden Ticket revolves around the daily lives of those who lack motivation by proving how faith can be used as the base to build will power upon. God is ever-present, and He is just so it makes no difference whether you are rich or poor, big or small, you are equal in God’s eyes.


Golden Ticket got its first nomination at Cefalù Film Festival in Italy. I am speechless, and humbled because it is my first film and means so much to me! This is the moment where I should be most eloquent as a director and writer and yet, I'm struggling to put my feelings into words," expressed Saira.

More than 900 films were submitted at the Asia Peace Film Festival, out of which over 70 were selected to be screened during the four-day event that ended on February 26, 2018. The idea was to use cinema as an agent to promote tolerance and liaison to move towards a more peaceful world.

Four-day Asia Peace Film Festival inaugurated

More than 50 countries participated, not only through films but also by sending in artwork that was displayed in the form of an exhibition. The festival welcomed filmmakers from various Asian countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, India, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Afghanistan, Philippines and Taiwan. Delegates from Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain and Bosnia were also a part of the festival.

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