Amazon's Alexa helps you play this board game

The game is called 'When in Rome'

Tech Desk February 20, 2018
Sensible Object has revealed their first game, 'When in Rome' using the Amazon echo device, Alexa. PHOTO: SENSIBLE OBJECT

There's finally a boardgame that uses smart assistants in its gameplay. Sensible objects have released their first game using the Amazon echo device, Alexa called ‘When in Rome.’

“Alexa teaches you how to play and walks you through the experience,” according to the website

You lay down the map and each player gets a home city to start from. As they cross country after country, Alexa introduces a local who then asks questions about their country. The questions range from weather, the capital city, monuments, history to food-related questions and are recorded by different locals from each country.

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Every question answered correctly earns you explorer points which at the end are totalled.

The one with the most points wins. If you know enough about the city you live in and want to participate as the local guide's voice on Alexa,  you can apply through the website.

Amazon dominates the smart speaker industry, with 70 per cent of the market in the US while second-place Google Home has about 24 per cent, according to eMarketer.

Last year, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana agreed to a deal where both assistants would start talking to each other in a first of its kind alliance of rival digital assistants.

Apple started shipping it's “HomePod” speaker last December.

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Voice-controlled shopping, for now, involves mainly straight-forward, repeated buys such as laundry soap or dog treats, with people tending to want to actually see big-ticket items, especially if they involve style or colour choices, according to Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi as she spoke to AFP.

The game is set to launch in the summer and will be priced at $29.95.

This article originally appeared in Mashable.


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