Prepare for precaution: ‘Skin diseases may be symptoms for more serious maladies’

Experts stress these ailments can lead to liver and stomach cancers

Our Correspondent February 07, 2018

LAHORE: A symposium on the manifestations of liver & gastrointestinal diseases was held at the Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences, on February 6. The discussions shed light on the causes and treatment of skin diseases while also highlighting ways of prevention.

Dr Sadia Siddique, head of dermatology at Lahore General Hospital, said that some skin diseases may be symptoms for other, more serious ailments such as liver cancer and stomach cancer. Similarly, the pallor of one’s skin can also indicate the presence of hepatitis C.

She added that the public has nothing to fear from skin treatments and should go for them regularly. She stressed on the need for treatment from proper hospitals and licensed professionals.

Dr Ghiasun Nabi Tayyab, principal of Post Graduate Medical Institute(PGMI), said that a variety of reasons contribute towards skin diseases. An imbalance in the digestive and liver system is one of the most common reasons for such ailments.

He stressed the need for good hygiene and cleanliness, adding that performing ablution five times a day is a sufficient precaution in avoiding skin diseases. For women, he advises against using brands of makeup they are unfamiliar with. He said that sometimes, in order to try new experiences, we put our skin at risk. He also highlighted the fact that skin diseases have both external and internal causes which is why people should monitor their diet and eating habits.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 7th, 2018. 


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