Swedish court dismisses charges against man in love

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News Desk February 01, 2018
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They say all’s fair in love and war. The Swedish court seemed to agree, after it cleared all charges against a man, who had cashed several counterfeit cheques. In his defense, the man said that he cashed these cheques to impress his love interest who had requested him to help her out of her financial situation.

The district court of Helsingborg dismissed charges against the man on Tuesday. The judges felt that the man’s actions had been abetted by extreme passion for his beloved and that he had been unfortunate with love.

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Reports revealed to a local newspaper showed that the love affair began six months after the man began talking to the woman, who was considerably younger than him. The middle-aged man, fell for the younger Belgian woman after talking to her on-line. Soon the two began discussing long term plans including marriage.

The man cashed two $500 cheques at a bank in Helsinborg, to help out the woman, who had told him that she was suffering from a disease and that her father her died. She asked him to arrange for the money as she was in the hospital and her father's traveler accounts had been frozen.

Later, the man tried to cash eight more cheques from a different bank, after which the management staff grew wary of him and contacted the police.

The conclusion of court investigation was that the cheques were in fact forged and the prosecutor claims were supported. However, the court found him not guilty on all the charges of fraud.

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The defense counsel said that, "The man started a relationship with a significantly younger woman and decided to live together without having met in real life is not something unique to him", read the court's ruling.

"[He] was very much in love and excited that he and the woman would finally be together. In such a situation it is easy to act in a naïve and gullible way".


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