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Rabia Umar Chaudhry jots down six must-have products for great looking skin and a glowing complexion

February 01, 2018

Spa in a Bottle is the result of Rabia Umar Chaudhry’s in-depth research in natural remedies and ingredients for skin and body. She lists down six must-have products from her line for great looking skin and a glowing complexion

24K Gold Serum

There are so many facial oils in the market right now but most of them have a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. It’s important to read the ingredients and understand what each one of them does for you. The 24k gold serum is an organic and chemical free blend of light essential oils infused with real 24K gold dust for daytime hydration. This may be used as a daily moisturiser or make-up primer or may be mixed with your foundation for smoother application. It’s also an amazing lip hydrator; apply before the application of liquid matte lipsticks. These oil blends help in tissue regeneration, maintaining skin elasticity, evens out skin tone, fights pigmentation and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

The Rose Elixir

The Rose Elixir is an organic blend of light essential oils and rose oil for complete daytime hydration. This oil blend absorbs very quickly into your skin and gives you a radiant glow with a matte finish, excellent for oily skin and humid weather. May be used as a moisturiser or make-up primer. It’s also an amazing lip hydrator; apply before the application of liquid matte lipsticks.

The Youthful Glow Serum

The Youthful Glow Serum is our favourite night-time serum, packed with the power of retinol (the only proven anti-ageing vitamin in the world) and vitamin C which keeps skin healthy, radiant, elastic and youthful. Slows the ageing process, fights bacteria, lightens pigmentation and freckles and acne-causing free radicals and helps lighten skin tone with its high vitamin C content.

Magnesium Oil

We are all magnesium deficient and thus suffer its consequences. Magnesium oil is a water based spray that you spray all over your body, and it relaxes you and replenishes the magnesium deficiency in your body. In case you are experiencing any muscular pain, it will give you relief in a matter of a few minutes, and if you experience cramps and body aches you will wake up refreshed after its application at night. It also helps with anxiety and depression, PMS relief and controlling diabetes. This is also great for people who find it difficult to fall asleep and is safe for use by all ages.

Anti-Acne Serum

I have seen people suffer from acne, and the physical and emotional trauma they go through. My heart goes out to them and thus we have developed a line that primarily targets acne prone and scarred skin. The oils in this blend are strong anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal along with those rich in vitamin A and vitamin E to help rebuild the skin and repair as it renews.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel

The biggest skin concern in our region is being fair. People turn to harmful products which temporarily lightens their complexion but in the long run completely ruins their skin. Our Aloe Vera Gel is made with 99.99% active Aloe Vera and this is nature’s answer to lightening your skin colour.

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