Published: December 20, 2017

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak married her beau Khizer this winter with an intimate celebration amongst family and close friends. Known for paving paths and breaking norms, she was a breath of fresh air clad in a pink lengha choli. The model made an unconventional bride, rocking her pixie cut and minimal make-up and jewellery- something that we long to see more of! We get talking to the model and she tells us all about her big day

1. What was your idea of the ideal wedding while growing up?

I really wanted to be a Jodha Akbar bride. As a young girl, I wanted my wedding to go on for at least seven days. I wanted to wear a lot of jewellery and heavy clothes, but when I grew up, I became more practical and realised that the type of wedding I wanted required an insane amount of money which would be a complete waste. Then I knew what I really wanted. I wanted to wear a simple jora and a small reception and for the food from my valima to be donated but that also didn’t happen because of family pressure.

2. Since you and your husband paid for your own wedding, do you think other couples should for opt for this?

I would love for everyone to do their wedding themselves, but that isn’t possible in every case. But since he was working and I had savings we decided to do it ourselves.  This is why I encourage girls to get a good education and start working, and when they have enough savings for the wedding they want, they can get married.

3. You were an unconventional bride (and we loved it), did you get any negativity/ bad comments? Any tips for other brides who want the same?

When people heard initially that I wasn’t wearing red and that I won’t be a conventional bride there was a mixture of comments. Aunties and relatives were surprised that I wasn’t going to have a mehndi and thought I was trying to save money. They would say things like, “Shaadi aik bar hoti hai”. Some people thought it was the best idea because I wasn’t wasting money, so they were in favour of it. The biggest concern though for everyone was how I was going to get my hair done. People asked if I’ll wear a wig or extensions. So yes, there was a mixture of comments but mostly negative ones.

4. We love that you’re auctioning off your wedding jora! Where will the donations be going?

I’m very concerned about water and how much it is wasted, especially in Pakistan. Each household has at least two cars and I’ve seen how they get washed every morning. People don’t realise what’s happening in Thar and how its locals have to walk 10km a day to fetch water which isn’t even clean. So I really want to do something that will help provide clean water to the people of Thar. My second option is for the empowerment of women. I want to do something for younger girls. Khizr and I will sit down and decide which cause to donate to.

5. Any tips for brides-to-be this season?

Please do something different guys and change your mentality about having a big wedding with heavy jewellery and expensive clothes. Be easy on yourself and don’t overdo it. Don’t feel pressurised to look the best! You are the bride and you will no doubt be the centre of attention.

6. Favourite/ memorable moments from your wedding?

We both were so busy meeting people that I can’t even recall all the amazing memories. But one thing I remember is that everyone was happy and nobody complained. Everyone was there to dance and no one even cared what was on the menu (even though we worked really hard on our menu haha). For me, the nikkah was really nice and also the ruksati.  I wanted to quickly leave and the rest of my family were crying haha.

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  • D
    Dec 21, 2017 - 4:51AM

    Amazing wedding Recommend

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    Dec 21, 2017 - 3:21PM

    Enough of this sheefa bride thing already….Recommend

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