Dasti's guards attack doctors

Express May 24, 2010

MUZAFFARGARH: PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti's guards allegedly attacked doctors and nurses of Muzaffargarh District Hospital where a protest was underway against a case of medical negligence.

The protesters were agitating against the death of photographer Khalid Majeed who was admitted to the hospital following a severe heart attack.

The photographer's relatives gathered outside the building and alleged that the hospital had failed to give Majeed sufficient medication. When MNA Jamshed Dasti reached the scene, four medics were injured when his guards supposedly attacked them.

As a result, the doctors of Muzaffargarh have now gone on a strike, in protest against Dasti, his security guards and his workers.

Dasti responds:

Speaking to Express, Dasti denied torturing doctors and nurses at the district hospital, stating that the accused are conspiring against him.

He alleged that doctors and nurses were lying, and their wounds were self inflicted to implicate him in a false case. Dasti said he was in the hospital to control the mob which was protesting the death of a press photographer.

He also alleged that the photographer died due to negligence of the medical staff of the hospital.


MMA | 14 years ago | Reply Yet, what he has done witb these innocent doctors and nurses is terrible and serious gross misconduct, which deserves for him to be thrown out of politics and not given a seat for anything. In this day and age all this rubbish is unacceptable and his guards should be put behind bars for hurting innocuous employees of the hospital.
Common Citizen | 14 years ago | Reply Educated people from the lower & middle classes , retired judges, technocrats and professionals of excellent repute should be encouraged to go into the assemblies. Opportunists like Gujjars, Jats, Mians etc who are there for the spoils should be shown the door.
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