Arshi Khan never had sex with Shahid Afridi, claims actress who 'knows her'

Telugu movies actor Gehana Vasisth says Arshi is married to a 50-year-old man and lying about her age

Entertainment Desk October 27, 2017
Gehana Vasisth and Arshi Khan. PHOTO: Instagram

A South-Indian actor has claimed that Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan had lied about having sex with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

"Forget about having sex with Afridi, Arshi Khan has never met him face to face or even spoken to him on the phone even once in her life time,” Telugu movies actor, model and TV presenter Gehana Vasisth said in an interview, India Today reported.

“Merely because Afridi is a gentleman and won’t stoop to Arshi Khan’s levels, she has taken complete advantage of the situation. Even the Indian media has gone gaga over the issue, without verifying anything,” she added.

Arshi Khan who claimed she had sex with Shahid Afridi to appear on Bigg Boss 11

In fact, Gehana claimed, Arshi was married to a 50-year-old man.

”Since I am also from Bhopal, from where Arshi Khan comes from, I can tell you that Arshi Khan is over 32 years old, but she has claimed to be only 27 years of age. She has reduced her age by over five years, because I happen to know her from her school days.”

Gehana further said she was shocked to learn that the makers of the Bigg Boss show had not even double-checked her background. "They chose a contestant who had provided fake information about herself," she added.

The actor maintained that Arshi had also submitted fake educational qualifications while applying for the reality show. "I have proof of that," she said.

Gehana further said Arshi had 10 criminal cases pending against her, four of them are for insulting the Indian and Pakistan flags by painting them on her nude body.

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Arshi, who had hit the headlines in 2015 when she had claimed that she had sex with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, is now appearing as one of the contestants on Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11.

Two years ago, Arshi had claimed that she was in love with Afridi.

After rumours surfaced that she was seen with Afridi in Dubai, the model had first refuted them on Twitter saying, “I have lots of friends and relatives in Dubai and travel to Dubai very often. A lot of Pakistani cricketers are seen visiting, shopping and partying in Dubai and regular visitors to Dubai meet them often. This does not mean I am dating Afridi.”

However, she later made a controversial claim:

In 2016, the model claimed in an interview that she was three months pregnant and her mother would be very happy if she was pregnant with Afridi’s baby. She also went on to say that the famous Pakistani cricketer had accepted her. But she later described her pregnancy as a “false alarm”.

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“Did I ever say I was pregnant with Afridi’s baby? Actually to set matters straight, it was a false alarm. A proper test has confirmed now, that I am not pregnant,” she said in an interview. “Even I was shocked and surprised, because I had not made out for a long time, yet I skipped my periods for two months in a row and when I just ran an OTC (over the counter) test, it came out positive. So, I was scared like hell. But a detailed test showed that I just had some hormonal issues.”

Afridi had refuted her claims saying that he neither preferred to speak on such trivial matters, nor did he have time for such “stupidities”.




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