Daily Grind: With Mehek Saeed

Style Editor at Grazia Pakistan and fashion journalist, Mehek Saeed, takes us through her busy schedule

November 15, 2017

Style Editor at Grazia Pakistan and fashion journalist, Mehek Saeed, takes us through her busy schedule


I’ve been waking up at this hour for the past few months. Sometimes, I roll out of bed and start my day or roll over and go back to sleep (entirely depending on stress levels).


I wake up again. I’m not ashamed to admit that the first thing I reach for is my phone and I usually check three to four apps before I get up – Mail, Instagram, and WhatsApp – sometimes Snapchat.


I work from home so I make it a point to try and shower and get dressed for the day by this time. But the first thing I do before anything else is make coffee. I need coffee to function!


For days when we have shoots for Grazia I sort out the clothes and style the looks. On non-shoot days, I would begin my day by reading the news. I like knowing and reading about all things culture, current events, and entertainment from my favourite local and foreign publications. I check Instep, Images Dawn, The Business of Fashion, Who What Wear and ManRepeller regularly.


I have numerous PR queries in my mail and on Whatsapp. I check them and send out my replies. I also make my calls around this time to check in with people and get the scoop for my stories. 1 pm is my deadline for the newspaper so if I’m filing a story on the day it should be done by then.


I have lunch – at home if it’s a non-shoot day or I grab something to go from Mall One.


I put together a fashion feature for Grazia which entails trawling through hundreds of celebrity, street style, runway, and Instagram images and looking at a lot of websites and products.


There is most likely an event at this hour so I put together my outfit. I prefer to do casual chic over very dressed up so this normally doesn’t take too much time.


I don’t do fashionably late and always arrive to events on time. If I’m not there on time, I’m most likely not coming. If there are no events happening at night, I usually see my friends for a catch-up dinner or hang with family. Otherwise, I’ll stay in and find something on Netflix or watch GOT on repeat.


If I’m out and in the company of really great people with good energy, I’ll make an exception and stay for a while, considering 11 pm is my usual bedtime. Once home, my nighttime beauty routine commences and then Zzzz.


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