Suspects proud of role in Times Square plot

Express May 22, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Two of the suspect admitted to their role in the Times Square bombing on Saturday.

According to an intelligence official the two suspects were unrepentant of their roles, with one angrily accusing interrogators of "siding with the infidels".

The suspects are among six men who have been detained in Pakistan for alleged ties to Faisal Shahzad.

The detainees are all said to be members of the urban elite, including several who were educated in the United States.

Details about the six were released late on Friday.

One suspect, identified as Shoaib Mughal, is allegedly the go-between for Shahzad and the Pakistani Taliban in their hide-outs close to the Afghan border.

Mughal was running a large computer dealership in Islamabad before his detention.

The second suspect, identified only by his first name Shahid, is alleged to have helped arrange money for Shahzad. He has an MBA from the US and apparently knew Shahzad from his time there.

One suspect is a former major who bought his way out of the army because of a "disagreement with its policies," said a senior intelligence official while he told the Associated Press about the detentions. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the investigation.

The ex-major is from Rawalpindi.

Last week, an army spokesman denied anyone connected to the army was arrested in the probe, saying only a retired major had been arrested on disciplinary grounds and was being investigated.

Earlier, Salman Ashraf Khan the co-owner of the catering company Hanif Rajput was picked up by intelligence agencies after a warning against the company was issued by the US Embassy.

According to the two suspects, Khan was selected because they required his help in bombing a huge gathering of foreigners which the company was catering.

Khans father was shocked by the accusation, as he stated his son is a successful businessman who spent four years happily studying in the US.

His father stated that Khan might have differences with what was going on in the region but had no feelings against the US.


Sultan Ahmed | 12 years ago | Reply West has a name in investigation, on the other hand,they are called leading countries providing justice to the people according to law. Now have to see what they will do in this case. all relatives of the main accused are higher educated persons. As for as his father is concerned he is at stage of the age can not commit or involve such crime or activities which leads to totally destruction of his family. I hope, justice will be done based on true evidence and undisputed documentary proof.
Zunaib M Yousuf | 12 years ago | Reply Well, these are the people who are causing the troubles for almost millions of Pakistanis resided in United States. I myself am a student and highly obliged to the government and homeland security of United States who allowed me and many others like me to come and get the advanced education, which eventually I'd be able to implement in my country and work for it's betterment. It's just because of some characters like aforementioned peoples we become suspicious in the homeland security's eyes and often been interrogated despite no hand or intention in any terror activities... For not themselves at least they must have thought about hundreds of thousands of Pakistani and Muslim who live in United States freely, and due to their actions they have to face the hassles, obstacles in the future career !!! If they are so much angry on the West, and have reservation on their policies they should record their protest on the streets and the government of Pakistani or media.... but doing these childish activities they are maligning the name of Pakistan, Muslims, Pakistani Americans and Muslim Americans !! No offense but this is truth !!!
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