After Hours: Nabila

Karachi’s award winning hair and make-up maestro, Nabila, began her first salon venture in 1986

Amber Liaqat November 15, 2017

Karachi’s award winning hair and make-up maestro, Nabila, began her first salon venture in 1986. Over the course of three decades, she has redefined fashion, style and imagery in Pakistan. With the ability to turn any newcomer into a fashion force, she has extensively contributed towards redefining the image of our media industry. To mark 30 years of image making, the acclaimed artist launched her ‘No make-up’ face perfecting palettes, proving there’s no holding her back

What is your idea of style?

Personal attire or expression that makes heads turn.

What turns you on creatively?

Novel ideas.

What is one common beauty mistake that women make?

Not knowing when to stop.

One common mistake women make with their hair styling?

They love height.

Do you consider fashion a language?


How would you describe your personal style?

It changes constantly.

What are the three signs of beauty for you in a woman?

Good skin, slick wardrobe and an intelligent mind.

What are the few poignant childhood memories that shaped you?

Oops! I deleted them all.

Are you ever been jealous of another hair stylist’s success?


Have you failed at anything?

Let’s say I only bet on winning horses.

Something you fear or something that makes you anxious:

I try not to think too much.

What gratifies you the most?


Your favorite sound?


Your favourite time of the day?

Dawn and dusk.

Three things that no one knows about you?

What makes you think I’ll tell you?

Three hidden talents?

If I tell you they wouldn’t be hidden.

Three most significant things in your life?

Why three?

Should people trust their hair dresser with their hair completely?

Never! That’s why I taught myself to do hair.

Who is your favourite hair dresser?

Take one guess!


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