The Corner: Sadaf Arshad

Published: October 3, 2017

The ever-so-charming Sadaf Arshad of Bellagio by Sadaf welcomes us into Karachi’s newest boutique salon and gives us a tour of the luxurious space. She delves into her passion for the industry which she’s been in for over 30 years and how she established her venture in Pakistan

Located on a busy street in the bustling city of Karachi is Bellagio by Sadaf, the latest addition to Karachi’s growing spa and salon culture. We’re welcomed by Sadaf as we walk through the elaborate entrance. We enter a serene reception area where our attention is drawn to a grand chandelier and a set of printed chairs. Before heading into the salon, Sadaf gives us a brief introduction about herself and how the salon came into being. “I wanted the salon to be like a second home, a place that could give clients a warm welcome. I’ve drawn inspiration from the salons and streets of London,” she says. “I also wanted there to be an exclusive reception area, separate from the salon itself,” Sadaf adds.

As we make our way through to the salon we feel a sense of tranquility. Interesting pieces of art hang from the crisp white walls and quirky pieces of furniture are placed around the space. While the salon follows the same theme all the way through, each space is separated as per Arshad’s requirements, ensuring that each service has an allocated space. “The concept is the same throughout the salon, but each space is different,” Arshad explains as she ushers us towards the pedicure area. The area exudes a sense of calm and we’re tempted to sit right down and get our nails done.

Tranquil music plays in the background and quirky light installations distract us as we make our way to the basement. Marble flooring runs through the salon and chic wooden panels separate the spa rooms from the manicure stations. We ask her about the unique pieces of furniture pieces spotted around the salon, to which she tells us, “Our furniture and chairs are both local and imported.” Each room is installed with high-tech machines and equipment for the extensive services the salon offers. The earthy hues of the space enhance the sense of calm and the embroidered logo towels add to the luxurious feel of the spa. All the equipment and products are displayed to perfection and there’s nothing we love more about a salon than it being clean and hygienic.

Our next stop is the bridal room which looks every bit a bride-to-be’s dream. Sadaf has opted for a gold theme in this room, perfect for festive occasions. The room exudes a feeling of luxury and grandeur with perfectly placed make-up stations and gold accents.

Sadaf’s workspace comprises charming details and unique personal touches which she has incorporated throughout the salon. The state-of-the-art spa and salon is luxurious but also gives you a homely feeling. The attention to detail and the relaxing environment make Bellagio a cut above the rest.

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