Humaima Malick calls out Momina Mustehsan's 'double standards' and 'hypocrisy'

Published: September 27, 2017


Humaima Malick had a thing or two to say about Momina Mustehsan in a recent Twitter feud.

So, here’s what happened:

Momina took to social media to express her support towards Mahira Khan, who was trolled for leaked images with Bollywood heartthrob, Ranbir Kapoor.

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The Awari singer wrote, “Jesus. Can we please give @ a break?! Why are we so quick to judge and attack?! Esp if it’s a woman in question. It’s her life!”

However, this show of support didn’t sit well with Humaima and she tweeted a screenshot of Momina’s previous tweets regarding the slain internet sensation Qandeel Baloch. In the tweet, Momina lashed out that Qandeel wasn’t the epitome of women empowerment. She also said that the only asset any woman has, is her body.

Which is quite contradicting to her latest tweet, and Humaima responded: “Double standard.”

The Coke Studio star was quick to respond to Humaima’s tweet, and wrote: “But of course, no one saw this or the other tweets in the series.”

The Dekh Magar Pyar Se diva then responded, “Are you serious? We will classify women here? lol wow. who is cheap and who is not, who is famous, who isn’t and only then we will be supportive.”

She further wrote, “Hypocrisy won’t take anyone anywhere you can’t become famous and a favourite by pulling people down and supporting people on your own choices.”

Humaima further took a jab on the Afreen crooner with this tweet: “Selective kindness is not kindness at all!”

But looks like Humaima Malick does make a very valid point.

Excuse us, while we grab some more popcorn.

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Reader Comments (6)

  • Kamal
    Sep 28, 2017 - 3:40PM

    BRAVO & KUDOS to @HumaimaMalick Well Said. Selective kindness is not kindness at all! #SupportEveryone. Overrated Momina M. should not talk about dead #QB like this. Whatever QB did was her prerogative but we as PAK society participated in killing her by judging & supporting the honor killing ideology, which is contrary to any religion but are man made traditions and practices. Recommend

  • MJ-Sid
    Sep 29, 2017 - 12:24AM

    Cat Fight!!!Recommend

  • Uzi
    Sep 30, 2017 - 1:22PM

    Isn’t double standards and hypocrisy a norm among celebrities? Seems to be a case of pot calling the kettle black. Recommend

  • Xa
    Oct 3, 2017 - 1:48PM

    She is on pointRecommend

  • Syed M
    Oct 13, 2017 - 9:20AM

    This Momina is way too overrated.Recommend

  • Nida
    Oct 16, 2017 - 8:45PM

    But she also said “the only asset a woman has is her body.” Which is contradictory in the sense that she supports majhira khan exposing herself and being “liberal and living her life” but when Qandeel Baloch does it, she’s somehow doing something wrong to her asset which is her body? small people, small minds, humaina nail it!Recommend

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