Kim Jong-un is a Red Devil

We can't say there weren't signs all along

Sports Desk September 13, 2017

When you think of North Korea's Kim Jong-un, all that comes to mind are nuclear missiles, extrajudicial executions and threats.

Such shenanigans are exactly why this chubby fella with a very questionable hairdo is widely viewed as an international troublemaker.

But history tells us that even the hardest of men have a softer side to them, and the hermit kingdom's supreme leader is no different.

Per English tabloid The Sun, Jong-un not only follows European football, he is a huge Manchester United fan, which makes sense too since he is thought of by some as the devil himself.

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Sun's source is Italian senator Antonio Razzi, who apparently is friends with the Korean dictator.

So, tyrannical, eccentric, undemocratic he may be — and no we're not talking about United manager Jose Mourinho — but Jong-un is a sport lover like the rest of us.

When asked if he also sees a bit of Eric Cantona or Zlatan Ibrahimovic in himself, Rizzi replied: "No, Kim is Kim — he is the only one."

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North Korean football has received a boost lately, thanks to their starlet Han Jwang-song's impressive form in Italian Serie B, and Jong-un believes this is only the tip of the iceberg.

He told Rizzi he expects his country's emerging talent to soon flourish in some of world's biggest football leagues, including our beloved Premier League.


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