No decision on fresh offensive: FO

May 21, 2010

Foreign Office Spokesperson Abdul Basit  ruled out a fresh military offensive against Taliban fighters in North Waziristan.

Basit said this in a weekly news briefing in response to a question on whether the US is pressuring Pakistan to move troops into North Waziristan.

He said the decision about operations in the country's tribal belt bordering Afghanistan will be taken by Pakistan alone. The Foreign Office spokesperson further said Pakistan is conducting its operations according to its own plans.


Zulfiqar Haider | 13 years ago | Reply Sooner or later this action will be inevitable, because the terrorists in that area have made the lives of the local people more miserable in the past few months.
Sultan Ahmed | 13 years ago | Reply Common man in Pakistan is compelled to think, what we have found and what we have lost in the relation ship with the United States. We are coming to fast the red alarm economically and politically. fight ,which was fought tens of thousand miles away has now been entered into our own land we are being pressured to more ,it is not enough. On the other hand we are still deprived of the weapons that are essential for guerrilla war fare,such as; the air craft that are indispensable for fight in such area as waziristan caves ,hills,and unbridgeable ways, tunnels. Americans, looks not ready to provide Civil Nuclear Technology notwithstanding the fact that Pakistan has drowned in the darkness more than half. What should do in such circumstances, expend war, more offensive, or undertake any other way, American never advice the option which goes in the favor of front line ally in the war against terror.
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