'Suspects intent on harming Altaf unsuccessful': MQM-London

Published: August 24, 2017
A picture shows the house of Altaf Hussain, the leader of Pakistan's Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) party, in northwest London. AFP

A picture shows the house of Altaf Hussain, the leader of Pakistan's Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) party, in northwest London. AFP

A Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) statement said, on Wednesday, that there was an unsuccessful break in at party founder Altaf Hussain’s house in London, a statement said on Wednesday.

“Two people, one apparently an Asian and another Afro-American, broke into Altaf’s house around 2’o clock in the morning, however, his security guards and neighbours immediately came to confront them after which the suspects fled in their white car parked outside,” claimed the MQM-London.

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Party convener Nadeem Nusrat alleged that the ‘establishment had planned to harm the party founder but luckily he stayed safe’.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Nusrat said this is the third attempt in the recent past on MQM-London leaders as a few days ago two suspects, caught on CCTV footage, also tried to break into his house.

“Earlier our human rights activist, Adil Ghaffar, had faced an attempt on his life,” he claimed, adding a report will be lodged with the police on Thursday (today) to speed up the investigation process and to ascertain who was behind the incident.

He went on to claim that Altaf’s house in London had security surveillance with CCTV footage that continuously captured visuals of the surroundings and private security guards deployed to ensure the MQM founder’s safety.

The convener also alleged that a leader from the mainstream party in Pakistan recently gave a threatening statement against the leadership of MQM-London, saying ‘his men has eyes on the party’s office in Britain’.

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Britain’s Metropolitan Police was immediately notified about the attempt and a search operation was conducted. The police are further investigating the matter to ascertain who was behind the incident, said the statement.

Nusrat said that similar attempts were also made on Altaf’s life when the now self-exiled leader was in Pakistan.

Altaf, the founder of Karachi-based MQM, has been living in London for the past 24 years now. MQM-Pakistan cut ties with its founder after his incendiary speech on August 22 last year when he raised slogans against the state.

In light of the speech, Sindh Rangers closed all MQM offices across Karachi and sealed its headquarters in Azizabad. In wake of the crackdowns being pursued against Altaf’s loyalists, MQM-Pakistan leaders set up a new office in PIB Colony, Karachi.

Since then, the rift between MQM pro-Altaf faction and MQM-Pakistan has intensified with both trying to win voters support for the upcoming election.

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