5 sneaky ways to stay fit when you’re too busy to workout

Published: August 16, 2017


We all seem to try our very best to be consistent with an exercise regime but at times, we have a tendency to push exercise on the back-burner. This may be because of a vacation, a move, or a busy work schedule when everything else just seems so much more important.

Compiled from Reader’s Digest, here is a list of five ways to stay healthy when you think you just don’t have enough time to hit the gym.

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1. Check your mindset

Too busy to exercise? Or not enough motivation? A recent UK study analysed that when health enthusiasts took a two-week break from physical activity, their new sedentary habits lead to a loss of muscle and more fat. It doesn’t have to be that way though. “One way to minimise fitness losses when you can’t exercise as much is to adopt the right mindset,” says Cris Dobrosielski, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise and owner of Monumental Results in San Diego.

Forget the “all or nothing” approach which keeps you thinking that one or two days a week isn’t good enough; so you end up not working out at all. “That’s an unfortunate cognitive approach that leads to destructive behavior,” he declares.

2. Wake up your body

Even if you can’t head to the gym for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, you can still get moving and stay fit. Take 10 minutes to do a couple stretches. “This allows you to wake up and connect to your body,” says Dobrosielski.

3. Watch what you’re eating

Staying fit isn’t all about exercise; it’s diet too. “Watch the nutritional choices you’re making during your downtime which will make it easier to maintain your body size and shape,” claims Dobrosielski. For instance, while you’re on vacation, maybe scale back “vacation mode” by not making every meal an indulgent affair. This is a great time to explore the fresh, local cuisine that can be both delicious and healthy.

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4. Try a 90-second workout

If you’re on holiday (or even stuck at the office), take a 60-second 90-second workout break.  Try 30 seconds each of squats, push-ups, and a plank which has proved to be effective. Aim to do this three times a day. Perhaps, once before breakfast, lunch and dinner. “You’ll feel different at the end of a week-long trip than if you hadn’t done these at all,” states Dobrosielski.

5. Have fun

When you’re on vacation, it’s okay to prioritise spending time with family. According to Dobrosielski, “the goal is to be with the people you love and take the pressure off.” Make that time even more rewarding. Try a yoga class if you’re in a big city or maybe rent a jet ski if you’re near the coast. Think of it as an opportunity to allow for mental recovery whilst incorporating new and enjoyable activities to work those muscles.

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