Anti-Islam candidate to run for UKIP leadership

Published: August 12, 2017
Annie Marie Waters has called Islam 'evil'

Annie Marie Waters has called Islam 'evil' PHOTO: TELEGRAPH

An anti-Islam campaigner is now approved as a candidate for the UK Independent Party leadership election this year, reported The Telegraph.

Anne Marie Waters, the founder of Sharia Watch pressure group, who has called Islam ‘evil’, is one of the 11 candidates cleared and approved to stand by the UKIP national executive committee. Her candidacy has divided the party with members threatening to quit if she wins.

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The candidates are running to succeed Paul Nuttall. Former leader Nigel Farage has warned the UKIP that it will be ‘finished’ if it takes the road of anti-Islamism. He claimed that UKIP’s steps towards becoming an anti-Islam party will lead to their destruction.

The contest was triggered by Nuttall’s decision to stand down following the collapse of the party’s vote in the elections in June.

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