Faryal tried to patch up with Amir in late-night call, deleted her tweets

Published: August 5, 2017
PHOTO: Instagram

PHOTO: Instagram

Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom reportedly tried to patch up with him in a late-night call for the sake of their daughter after a Twitter feud between the couple.

Faryal also claimed her Twitter account had been hacked and deleted her tweets of her spat with her husband.

On Friday, the two had exchanged bitter tweets with Amir accusing his wife of having an affair with boxer Anthony Joshua and Faryal denying the allegation in response and calling him a cheater.

Sources told MailOnline that Faryal called her husband in Dubai pleading to stay together for the sake of their daughter, two-year-old Lamaisah.

Faryal came up with the idea that the pair should announce that their Twitter accounts have been hacked and tell the media as a “way out”.

Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom part ways

Amir stood his ground and told her that it was over and that he had mentally decided to move on from her and that he was unable to take it anymore.

He hung up on her and when she texted again with threatening messages, he released a Snapchat video claiming “it’s all true”.

Then Faryal tweeted the word “patience” in Urdu but deleted it half an hour later.

Faryal’s family also got in touch with Khan’s family in Bolton to offer an olive branch as a symbol for the couple to reconcile, the sourced added.

The boxer’s father and brother say they had nothing to do with the couple’s public feud after Faryal accused his family of trying to destroy their marriage.

Faryal had spoken out against her in-laws and domestic abuse she had been facing after her marriage. However, Amir’s family denied the allegations, blaming Faryal’s western lifestyle for the fallout between the couple and the family. The feud also led to Amir ‘firing’ his father as his manager.

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