The Corner: Shirin Hassan

Hassan’s favourite corner is truly is an ode to old world charm

Ibriz Sheikh July 24, 2017

Ace designer, Shirin Hassan invites us into her beautiful home and gives us a tour of her favourite corner. She talks about her extensive painting collection and tells us a story about each of the unique pieces she’s picked up during her travels

As we enter the beautiful home of Shirin Hassan, we first notice how lavish  it is. A grand chandelier hangs in the foyer and Hassan shares why it is unique. “I hand carried this Turkish chandelier from Istanbul, especially for my entrance,” she says. Quickly making our way inside, our charming host for the day awaits us outside her drawing room; where she loves entertaining her guests. There’s a certain charm in the way she’s decorated this space, and she’s made it look both lavish and cosy at the same time.

We can’t help but notice the walls adorned with beautiful, unique pieces of art. “My house is known as an art gallery as we have around 40 paintings in my lounge,” Hassan says. She adds that, “My husband is very fond of paintings by Gulgee, Bashir Mirza, Moazzam Ali, Zoya, Iqbal Mehdi and Rind, amongst others.” Their love for art is evident in the three spectacular pieces that hang above a sofa, upholstered in bottle green coloured velvet.

The same sofa, and the one beside it, is home to some fabulous silk embroidered cushions which Hassan incorporated to add colour to the drawing room. “To add colour to the space, I picked up a variety of cushions from Delhi,” Hassan shares as we perch ourselves on the sofa and get comfortable. Our attention is drawn to the fabulous carpet beneath us, which makes a bold statement in the room, with its vivid colour palette and striking design. A glass table with a carved wooden edge sits in the centre. Placed atop the table are some unique pieces that Hassan has picked up during her travels. “I have been collecting plates from different countries like Turkey, London and Morocco,” she tells us.

Across from us sit two beautiful chairs, with beautifully painted birds in a tropical setting. Teamed with the more traditional design of the sofa, the chairs add a modern twist to the regal look of the drawing room. The animal theme continues with a handcrafted fish decoration piece which sits atop a mahogany shelf. We are intrigued by the variety of different pieces that make Hassan’s house a home. “I have collected all my decoration pieces from different countries, including Morocco and Spain,” she shares.

From the deep hues incorporated in the drawing room, to the luxe fabrics and unique pieces, Hassan’s favourite corner is truly charming and truly is an ode to old world charm. The space offers an eclectic yet tasteful aesthetic and we loved having our cups of tea, chatting with Hassan. But as the day comes to an end, and it’s time for us to leave, we’ve enjoyed spending our afternoon in Hassan’s favourite corner.


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