It Runs In The Family: Shiza Hassan And Aisam Ul Haq Qureshi

From daring rollercoaster rides to getting in trouble for scratching their father’s car, these siblings share it all

July 24, 2017

Pakistan’s top tennis player, Aisam ul Haq Qureshi and his sister Shiza Hassan, a designer, take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about their childhood antics. From taking daring rollercoaster rides together to getting in trouble for scratching their father’s car, these siblings share it all

What’s your first memory of each other?

Shiza:  We are only a year and a half apart. He’s been by my side since I opened my eyes.

Aisam: Her following me everywhere when we were young and I used to swap our milk bottles all the time so I could drink more.

What is the craziest thing you have done together?

Shiza:  We are both quite outdoorsy. Taking the scariest rollercoaster rides fearlessly is one of them however. We have yet to do some crazy skydiving or deep sea diving adventures together.

Aisam: Shiza is somewhat not a very crazy person. The craziest thing was probably going for a swim in the canal when we were very young.

What did you get punished for the most as a child?

Shiza:  We were a team and the mischief was also done as a comradeship. I remember we were playing with our little dinky cars, and made scratch trails all along our dad’s new car that he had just brought home that day. It didn’t go down well with my dad and that has to be the most vivid punishment.

Aisam: For scratching our first family car while playing with our toy cars on it.

If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, from the others closet, what would it be?

Shiza:  It would have to be one of his many stylish track pants.

Aisam: Her pj’s! They look super comfy and too cute.

If you could swap places with each other, what’s the first thing you would do?

Shiza: Be a little more selfish and throw my weight around a bit.

Aisam: The first thing that I would do is take a vacation.

What is the one thing you love about your sibling?

Shiza: He has a heart of gold. There is no one like him!

Aisam: Super loving and always puts others before herself.

If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up?

Shiza: I have to talk things out to be fine. He’s less talkative and least fussy.

Aisam: We usually make up by apologising, hugging and by me buying her some gifts.

What is the one secret talent your sibling has, that you wish you did too?

Shiza: The ability to stay calm in every situation and pretend nothing’s happened.

Aisam: Remembering each and every object at home, knowing exactly what to buy that would look good in the house and her talent for fashion.

Describe your sibling in three words

Shiza: Cool, generous, thoughtful.

Aisam: Loving, caring, emotional.

Which fictional character is your sibling most like?

Shiza: He’s like spider-man. Does good without seeking gratitude in return.

Aisam: My sister is one of a kind so can’t really compare her to a fictional character.

How are your personalities similar?

Shiza: We are very similar at the core and have a shared set of values I believe.

Aisam: We both put family first.

I can’t live without my brother/sister because…

Shiza: Life would lose meaning without the feeling of the beautiful bond that we share and the love I feel for him.

Aisam:  Because she is my best friend. I can share anything and everything with her. I love her to bits. She is the best sister in the whole wide world.


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