Afridi calls for inclusion of Pakistanis in IPL

Captain says Pakistani players have no issues playing matches in India.

Ppi April 08, 2011

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi on Friday called for the inclusion of Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Speaking to the Press Trust of India, Afridi said that Pakistani players had no problems with playing in India as they had just played a match in the country.

"It is high time Pakistani cricketers also get a place in the IPL. For three seasons, including the current one, we haven't been a part of the IPL,” said the Pakistan captain.

Pakistan's players featured in the inaugural version of the IPL, but were later not picked by any of the franchises following the Mumbai attacks in 2008 and are also not part of the current edition of the tournament.

Afridi said the inclusion of Pakistani players in the IPL was an opportunity for both countries to improve relations. He said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had responded positively to the invitation from Indian Prime Minister Manmoham Singh and now the IPL could help ease tensions between the two countries.

“We should play more against each other. This will not only ease the pressure but will also reduce the unwanted media hype surrounded with Indo-Pak matches," skipper added.

The fourth edition of the IPL began today (Friday) in Chennai with the two new teams added to the tournament.


Mustafa | 10 years ago | Reply Some of the comments on here are disgusting! and all the references to terrorism, there are extremists and terrorists on both sides not just from Pakistan. You call Pakistan a terrorist state but Pakistan is the one crippled by terrorism and getting wrecked by US control of the Pak govt. Leave Pakistan alone, they are not responsible for terrorists as every country including India as well have extremists, terrorists and far-right wing and fascist groups. I can understood the hard feelings towards Afridi. Final point I want to make people aware it's completely off-topic but I knave to say this as so many of you are calling pakistanis "terrorists", the biggest terrorist organisation is US and Muslim countries are victims of it.
Jaina | 10 years ago | Reply @ E truth hurts you... ha ha! so you make up some crap about how equal you are and why Pak mistreats its minority. Dude - Pak hosts the largest pilgramage for Sikhs (yeh they pay for it and not your lying leaders)... and Dude - you are right about one thing... Pakistan people hate people like you.
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