China says Pakistan military base talk pure speculation

Published: June 29, 2017

BEIJING: China said on Thursday that talk the country was building a military base in Pakistan was pure speculation, after a Pentagon report earlier this month singled out Pakistan as a possible location for a future Chinese military base.

The Pentagon forecast that Beijing would likely build more bases overseas after establishing a facility in the African nation of Djibouti.

Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian was asked at a regular monthly news briefing if China would build a naval base in the Chinese-invested port city of Gwadar.

“Talk that China is building a military base in Pakistan is pure guesswork,” Wu said, without elaborating.

China slams Pentagon report on overseas military bases

Djibouti’s position on the northwestern edge of the Indian Ocean has fuelled worries in India that it would become another of China’s “string of pearls” of military alliances and assets ringing India, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

China has repeatedly downplayed expectations it could be about to embark on a plan to build military bases around the world, even as it ramps up an impressive military modernisation programme.

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  • Mekal Faruki
    Jun 30, 2017 - 4:27AM

    China should be allowed to build bases in Pakistan. The bases should be located where India has plans to attack Pakistan to protect China’s national interests. Locations like Kashmir, Lahore and Multan come to mind. Americans have a nerve to comment about bases when they have hundreds of bases overseas which amount to American bullying of the host state. American guilty consciences over their ongoing occupation of Germany, Japan and United Kingdom after WW2 makes them think other countries bases are also occupation of that country.Recommend

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