After Hours: Ali Xeeshan

Published: July 6, 2017

He’s eccentric, he’s humourous, he’s Ali Xeeshan! He is also one of the most celebrated and inspiring contemporary designers in the fashion industry today. Known for his astute craftsmanship and unique play on colours, Xeeshan proves that pink really is the new black. Known for his energetic and extravagant demeanour, Xeeshan has been toasted among the fashion fraternity. Whether with a rooster atop his head or a monkey on the runway, Xeeshan always knows how to leave a mark

What is your idea of style?

Something new, something old. Something borrowed, something branded.

What turns you on creatively?

Loud is proud. Silence is violence.

Do you consider fashion a language?

Yes. It is a global language.

What are the three signs of beauty for you in a woman?

Poise, passion and demure.

Are you ever jealous of another designer’s success?

Jealousy is the most useless emotion. Envious, maybe!

Have you failed at anything?

I have failed at things I have never tried.

What are the few childhood memories that shaped you? 

My first drawing was a cartoon figure on my diaper.

What do you fear?

The day I lose my power to imagine.

Your favourite sound?

A voice from within.

Word you use the most?


Three things no one knows about you?

I can stay up for three days, I can speak French and I failed second grade twice.

Three hidden talents?

1. I remember my dreams exactly as they occured. I can even draw them.

2. I can hypnotize a person in 13 seconds.

3. I can literally talk to animals.

At this point in your career, do you seek validation from your clients, fashion critics or other successful designers?

Oh please!

What was the precise moment when you really decided that designing was your path

I knew my path since the beginning

Any lesson that success has taught you?

Nothing lasts forever.

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