China downplays UN report claiming CPEC may ignite Pak-India tensions

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says CPEC is neither targeted at any third party nor related to territorial disputes

News Desk May 26, 2017
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says CPEC is neither targeted at any third party nor related to territorial disputes. PHOTO: WWW.FMPRC.GOV.CN

BEIJING: China, on Thursday, played down a UN report stating concerns that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) may create more tension between Pakistan and India.

Speaking during a regular press conference on May 25, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said, “CPEC is neither targeted at any third party nor related to territorial disputes.”

CPEC may further ignite India-Pakistan tension: UN report

The report titled ‘The Belt and Road Initiative and the Role of Escap’ was released by the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Escap). It considers the Pakistan-India dispute over Kashmir as a source of concern, claiming CPEC might create “geopolitical tensions with India and ignite further political instability.”

“We saw some relevant reports by Indian media in this regard, but we need to get more information about the report you mentioned, but I can respond to you in principle,” said Lu Kang.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson insisted that according to their information, Escap did not issue a specialised report on CPEC.

“Recently, the Secretariat of Escap released a report on the role of the Belt and Road Initiative and Escap, which commends the positive significance of the Belt and Road Initiative in advancing connectivity and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific and offers views and advice on Escap's participation in the building of the Belt and Road Initiative,” said Lu Kang.

Two Chinese nationals abducted from Quetta

Responding to a question about the two abducted Chinese citizens in Quetta, he said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the safety of overseas Chinese citizens and condemns the abduction of personnel in any form.

“We keep close communication with Pakistan, request relevant Pakistani authorities to take every necessary measure to rescue the abducted while ensuring their safety, and take more effective measures to secure the safety of Chinese citizens and organs in Pakistan,” added Lu Kang.

Armed men pretending to be policemen had abducted the Chinese citizens from Jinnah town, an affluent residential area in Quetta on May 24.


Xi2 | 4 years ago | Reply @Sajid Ansari: Ah is that why China was begging India to join CPEC ? And how does CPEC allow China to eat up India's economy genius ? You guys just relish in the dream of seeing India's loss. No matter that your leaders are busy selling your sovereignty to China.
Sajid Ansari | 4 years ago | Reply Well, CPEC is a "Deathtrap" for India as after completion of CPEC China is going to eat up Indian economy totally. Pakistan and China will never allow India to use CPEC or Silk Route to Central Asian Republic Countries as why they would give access to our markets to their enemy. India will have to use Sea route via Chahbar to Afghanistan and the CAR countries.
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