International journalists slam Maryam Nawaz for calling Panama Papers ‘crap’

Sherry Rehman hits back saying if Panama Leaks was a four-letter word, why did the PM address the nation on it

News Desk May 02, 2017

Maryam Nawaz Sharif raised a furore on Twitter over calling Panama papers ‘crap ‘ and saying it had been trashed in the rest of the world.

The prime minister’s daughter went on to say that those relying on the papers to bring down Nawaz Sharif would bite the dust.

To add insult to the injury Mayram said the Panama Papers were never about corruption.

“Even the stealers and hackers (read originators) didn't say it was. Losers in imminent danger of being swept away in 2018 pounced upon the conspiracy hatched by evil minds.”

The comments from the PM’s daughter not only drew ire from local politicians but also from foreign critics.



zaheer ahmed | 4 years ago | Reply She has to show her credential to be a good politician by having more knowledge and good people around her in Media cell. They will lost every thing for you in credit. The general public and people are not of 1990's and lot of changes has been done due to media, computer,Samrt phones, internet and expanded communication sources as well as knowledge. Be a good mother, grand husband and family with honor.The media cell needs to be refurbished as shallow knowledge, child like people around a leader may deteriorate the image in the minds of people. God bless you with wisdom, honesty, sincerity, truth and trust towards nation.
zaheer ahmed | 4 years ago | Reply She was born with golden spoons and don't know the poor people of the country and their sentiments regarding unemployment, health and education problems, load shedding in this hot days. The Young have less jobs, imports are sky rocketing whereas exports are half of the imports. His grand father definitely worked very hard to establish a business for which he must be respected. Their products were known as of good quality and my father always preferred to go for Ittefaq. The man was honest and hardworking but the Mariyum should weigh before she writes. The same thing happened by his father in the National Assembly that we have all the proofs of the assets but failed to produce it in the court. Definitely they are owners of the properties and they avoid to submit only due to the calculations and details which have no proof or money transfers and just avoid that details.
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