Ask Asad: My old parents want to live with me but I don’t get along with my father – what should I do?

Published: May 1, 2017
In my opinion, my father was never good to me and my siblings nor to my mother. CREATIVE: AAMIR KHAN

In my opinion, my father was never good to me and my siblings nor to my mother. CREATIVE: AAMIR KHAN

Dear Asad,

I am a 37-year-old man living in Canada for the past three years with my wife and four-year-old son. I have three sisters; all married and settled abroad and busy with their own marital lives. My parents are old and live in Jordan alone. We normally spend our vacations with them. As I am the only son, the responsibility of their care lies with me. I support them financially and ensure that I fulfil all their needs and they lead a comfortable life.

Recently they have shown a desire in coming to live with us in Canada. They love my son, their grandchild, a lot and he is very fond of them too. My wife is also keen on having them live with us. I like the idea of my parents coming to live with us as I know it would be good for them as well as for my son as they share a close and loving bond.

The only problem is that I don’t get along well with my father. In my opinion, he was never a good father to me and my siblings or a good husband to my mother. He was always much more interested in his business. He used to leave early in the morning and come late at night. He was never there for any of us.

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He never came to our school meetings, graduations, convocations or other important events of our lives. Whenever my mother used to counsel him to spend more time with his us, he would get upset and berate her. Also, despite earning well, he was stingy with his money. He didn’t give enough at home. My mother had a very tough time managing a house full of children. She literally had to plead or fight with him to get money out of him.

Then came a time when he lost all his money due to a few ill-advised risky business ventures. Life became much tougher for us. I had to get a part-time job while in college to support my education and family. Throughout this tough time in our lives, my father was not supportive at all. After losing his business, he spent more time at home and made life a living hell for us all. This went on for many years till I graduated and got a well-paying job. Many years have passed since then and he has become quite mellow, due to old age and ill-health. Part of me wants him to come and live with me so we could both form a special father-son bond, which was non-existent when I was growing up. But at the same time, there is a part of me which strongly resents the way he treated us and blames him for all the hardships that we as a family had to go through. I am in two minds. I don’t know what to do.

Hurt Son


Dear Hurt Son,

There is no denying the fact that the way your father treated you and the rest of his family was completely wrong. It seems he was a selfish man whose passion in life was to earn and save money. What you are feeling towards him is completely natural and justified. Having spent a lifetime with him and gotten no love and support from him definitely must hurt. Anyone in your position would feel the same resentment that you do towards him.

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I must commend you for working so hard from such a young age to make a better life for yourself and your family. That shows character and determination.

You have mentioned that there is a part of you that wants to form a special bond with your father, and a part of you which strongly resents him. I would urge you to go for the former. You seem like a nice person, a good son, brother, husband and father. What your father did was wrong but that doesn’t mean that you should reciprocate in kind. He is old and weak now. He needs you. He wants to be with you. And you too want him to be with you. Your reservations are justified but don’t let them keep you separate from your parents. It’s not easy but try to forgive him, if possible. Try to let go of the negative emotions and bitter memories that surround you when you think of him. It will be difficult but for your own happiness you must learn to let go of them and move on with your life.

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You mentioned that your father has become quite mellow in his old age. You also mentioned that he’s quite fond of his grandson and vice versa. This is quite natural. Some men are quite strict with their own children but when they have grandchildren, they become quite kind and accommodating. Your father is the same. He is reaching out to his grandchild and through him to you. You should reach out to him too. This way, hopefully, you will have a chance to get the love and understanding from him now which you didn’t get before. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Bury your hurt feelings and reach out to him. The outcome will hopefully be one of happiness and contentment.

I hope things work out for the best between you and your father.


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Reader Comments (8)

  • OSD
    May 1, 2017 - 4:37PM

    Hello Buddy, I understand your situation and the one thing I want to tell you is that what’s done is done. Don’t let that get in the way of a happy future. Ask them to come and try your hardest to build the best possible relationship. Only then will you find the peace that you deserve.Recommend

  • Mujahid Hussain.
    May 1, 2017 - 6:08PM

    please forgive him and forget the past. after all he is your father, give him love and affection,at the time of this age he needs your help and love.and you have to avail this opportunity to please GOD.Recommend

  • Human
    May 1, 2017 - 8:59PM

    Just let your father be with you don’t ignore him now or you will literally be sad if he die tomorrow cause this is the moment share your feelings with him and built a strong healthy relationship.Recommend

  • Kamran
    May 1, 2017 - 10:34PM

    This is a very easy situation. In situations such as yours, the biggest hurdle is the wife objecting to the parents living with you. However, as you mentioned, your wife is willing to have them come live with you. Your father’s ‘fault’ was that he wanted to provide a better future for you. As his faith in your mother’s ability to parent you was good, and assuming she wasnt earning, he focused on the financial aspect of your future.

    Also remember, you are also judging your father today for his behavior from almost 4 decades ago, and from a non-western country. The standards you want to apply to disqualify him from being a ‘good father’ are from current times, as well as western hemisphere. That would be like comparing that you never put seatbelts on 40 years ago in a third world country, while today it is mandatory in canada.Recommend

  • Ahmad
    May 2, 2017 - 11:06AM

    Stay with them whatever it takes, No Second thoughts! Recommend

  • Milind
    May 2, 2017 - 1:09PM

    @OSD – Sensible advice.Recommend

  • Syed Hashim Ali Hasan
    May 3, 2017 - 12:13AM

    Hello, always give your parents the benefit of the doubt.

    Don’t blame them for whatever they did and never discuss them in front of your children. It seems that you have a caring wife who is welcoming your parents and it is time that you teach your children what you think is right. You will reap the benefits when you reach your father s age.

    All the bestRecommend

  • Raja Atif Mehboob
    Jul 17, 2017 - 10:20PM

    You don’t get a second chance; neither life is a Nintendo Game… Get along with your dad; otherwise his absence will merely be a source of ongoing regret for you. Moreover, if money was everything, then why did he marry? If money was not important, then why did you face tough time? Were you able to keep a balance between your personal and family life, while you were to earn for supporting your education? Until he lost his great deal of worth, were you not in ease? Did you not face troubles after the loss? He has spent his whole youth for aiming a better future for you, was he worthless?

    Dear Hurt son, his life revolves around you; even he was not around you all the times. His efforts, his sweat, his hardships, every inch of his flesh, and every drop of his blood, is a source of your being able to graduate, to perform a part time job, and to establish yourself in Canada. Leaving them at this age is not less than a situation of termination of life, when you need it most.Recommend

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