'I am the Sindh IG, not a clerk'

Published: April 15, 2017

KARACHI: “I am the Sindh IG, not a clerk,” said Sindh IG Allah Dino Khawaja at the inauguration of a police facilitation centre at the Ferozabad police station on Friday.

“The thana culture cannot be changed overnight but we are glad that we are taking some steps,” said Khawaja.

Traffic is the biggest problem plaguing the metropolis but the traffic DIG has been appointed without my consultation, said Khawaja.
The main issue is of authority, said Khawaja, adding that for the first time, appointments in the Sindh police had been made on the basis of merit.

Karachi police set up facilitation centres to get rid of ‘chai, pani’ culture

“The Sindh government is unhappy and only the government can give an answer for it,” he said replying to a query about the differences between him and the Sindh government.

The IG said there is a need of cooperation and understanding between the public and police. “There will definitely be a change in the thana culture if the police attitudes are positive,” he said, adding that citizens would be able to approach the police to resolve their issues through such police facilitation centres.

Police facilitation centres are being established in collaboration with the Sindh government.

IG inaugurates police facilitation centre in Karachi’s District Central

“By establishing these reporting centres, the thana culture will change,” he said.

The Sindh government has attempted to remove IG Khawaja multiple times but the court has stayed his removal.

“My matter is in court. It should be better if the court gives its decision. If the Sindh government is unhappy with me, they must have an answer as to why they are unhappy with me,” he said.

Reaching out: Sindh to have police facilitation centres

The Sindh police in collaboration with the Sindh government are establishing police facilitation centres or police reporting centres to ease the problems of the citizens while approaching the police at stations and to eliminate the bribery system within the police.

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  • Ayesha Aly
    Apr 15, 2017 - 12:30PM

    You are a proud son of Singh
    Keep up your good workRecommend

  • ali
    Apr 16, 2017 - 10:55AM

    PPP don’t have any answer why he dot want AD Khawajah,, remember BB trusted him,, he was asked to provide security for BB,, when they are out of power they like honest people like him to give them security but when they come to power they don’t want them to work for the government,, this is the dark side of every political party in Pakistan and PPP has bad history for this,,,, Recommend

  • Sultan
    Apr 16, 2017 - 10:52PM

    Mr. Khwaja, you are a public servant .Recommend

  • Ch. K. A. Nye
    Apr 17, 2017 - 8:21PM


    And your point is Sultan sb?Recommend

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