The notepad: Sana Ansari

All the expert tips you need from the gorgeous model-cum-lawyer, Sana Ansari

April 09, 2017

Get all the expert tips you need from the gorgeous model-cum-lawyer, Sana Ansari, as she jots down the six essential steps to take the perfect picture!

In the limelight

The first and most important thing about taking a picture is obviously lighting. You have to make sure that when you’re posing for a picture, you are facing the light. The light should not be behind you.

Au natural

I personally believe in less or no make-up. The more make-up, the less natural the picture will look!

Know your angles

The angle in which the picture is being taken matters a lot! If taken from the top, the body or face will probably look deformed. If taken from the bottom, you are sure to look fat. A straight angle is always the safest.

Lean back

If the background of a picture is strange or has something indecent, like a toilet seat, the picture is definitely not Instagram-worthy! Make sure you have a nice background and use a good frame.

Friends first

A good relationship with your photographer will always come handy. That way you can ask him or her to take plenty of pictures of you, until you’re satisfied.

Stand up taller

Good body posture is imperative. Usually, I always stand a little angled as compared to full frontal and play around with my legs — over lap them or tilt one leg while resting on the heel of your foot.

Lighten up

A person’s expression really matters! If the picture is perfect but the expression on the face is dead, it kills the vibe of the photograph. So make sure to be lively or sultry — whatever works
for you!


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