Daily grind: Juggan Kazim

Published: April 2, 2017

The actor, writer, model, designer and television host takes us through her day. Find out what she occupies her time with when she’s not on the small screen, but instead spending time with her friends and family


I usually wake up around 5:30am. I am a morning person so I love waking up early, around Fajr.


I offer my prayers, make breakfast and begin to get dressed.


It takes me almost no time to decide my look of the day. I usually choose which clothes I’ll wear in the spur of the moment while I hang out with my son.


I drop my son off to school and head to PTV Home for my show! My hair and make-up is magically done within 45 minutes — thanks to the patience and resilience of our team.


The show is in progress. I get the chance to meet and interview some brilliant guests — I love it!


The show is still going on.


Two hours later we finally wrap up.


I change out of my wardrobe and discuss the details of the next show. This takes about an hour and a half.


I usually have a lunch date. I enjoy meeting my friends during this time because I am not preoccupied with work or my family. I aim to meet different friends as much as I can. Pompeii, The Lahore Social, Yum and Cosa Nostra are usually my restaurants of choice.


If I’m in the mood, I’ll munch on one dessert or the other at this time.


It’s all about the gym for the next hour and a half.


I run some errands now. I go out to get my groceries, go to the dyers, and head out for kapra shopping!


If I’m free, at this time I try to drop by my mother’s house to see her for tea.


I come home around 6pm and dedicate my time in helping my son Hamza with his homework.


My husband finally gets home and we all have dinner together as a family. Family dinners are a must, except maybe on the weekends.


It’s now Hamza’s bedtime.


Time for TV! I love to lounge on the sofa post-dinner and just laze around with my husband.


I’m passing out…


By this time it’s pretty much impossible to wake me up!

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