Parents aren't too happy about US electronics ban on flights

"Being stuck on a plane with iPad-less children sounds like collective punishment to me"

March 22, 2017
Parents usually give their children tablets on long non-stop flights children to stop them from acting up and throwing tantrums. PHOTO: REUTERS

The US electronics ban on flights has worried millions of travellers, but one segment is particularly scared about the prospect: parents of young children and infants.

Children are now addicted to using tablets and phones for entertainment. While this may be bad for them, on long nonstop flights, this is something parents willingly give their children to stop them from acting up and throwing tantrums.

To be fair, unruly kids would also affect non-parents since airplane seats aren't exactly soundproof.

US bans large electronics from 10 airports, mainly in Middle East

With the electronics ban on flights, many parents started freaking out on Twitter.

This parent had the best idea:

There arose a new definition of terrorism

Won't somebody think of the children?

Those travelling without children are worried too, and with good reason. Eight hours of kids crying? OH NO!

BBC did everyone a favour and compiled a list of 'old fashioned' activities that could keep children entertained including colouring, reading books and solving puzzles.

However, this is basically all of us right now

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Bunny Rabbit | 4 years ago | Reply they can watch the in house entertainment provided by all flights . whos stoping them ? it come with scores of channels .
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