This place in Pakistan is one of the hardest places to reach on Earth

We look at four of the world's toughest and highest unclimbed peaks in The Himalayas

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In this day and age, the travel industry has made it easy for people to go out the door, grab the next flight and travel the world. New doors have been opened, enabling us to explore new regions and embark on new adventures.

That being said, there remain many places in the world that are still left untouched, peaks that are yet to be scaled and oceans unexplored. One such peak that still remains to be climbed is Pakistan's very own Muchu Chhish, one of the highest peaks in The Himalayas.

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Here we look at, in descending order, four of the world's toughest and highest unclimbed peaks in The Himalayas.

1. Angkhar Puensum, Bhutan 

Bhutan's Angkhar Puensum is widely considered the world's highest unclimbed mountain at 7,570m. The mountain lies on the border with China. While a team reached its subsidiary peak in the late 1990’s, the main peak remains unclimbed. Bhutan has banned any form of mountaineering on peaks higher than 6,000m out of respect for spiritual beliefs, the Angkhar Puensum may remained unclimbed.


2. Muchu Chhish, Pakistan 

At 7,453m, the Muchu Chhish falls within the borders of Pakistan and is located in Western Karakoram. An English mountaineer, Pete Thompson, attempted to summit the highly inaccessible peak in 2014; expecting to climb a portion of the ascent without ropes. However, due to hard ice, the area had to be pitched taking the climb longer than anticipated. In vain, Thompson turned back at 6,000m. Prior to his attempt, a Spanish team ascended the peak in 1999 which is the only widely-accepted attempt.


3. Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount Kailash rises to 6,638m and is found in the Kailash Range in Tibet. Several religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism, consider it sacred and make annual pilgrimage to the mountain in a holy ritual which is believed to bring good fortune. Due to its religious importance, the Chinese government has banned all attempts to climb it.

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4. Karjiang, Tibet 

Karjiang South is the highest peak of the Karjiang, elevated at 7,221m. Many attempts, albeit unsuccessful, were made to climb the mountain which is known to be prone to severe weather and a technical climb. The most recent attempt was made in 2001 by a Dutch group who had to turn back owing to bad weather conditions.



M.S. | 6 years ago | Reply Beautiful pictures and good information. Mount Kailash should be respected and revered by all of us. Neaby are the beautiful lakes Manasarovar and Rakshastal. Sources of Indus, Sutlej, Brahmputra and Ghaghara which is main tributary of river Ganges are also nearby. All life and prosperity of India and Pakistan flows from here.
Ch. Allah Daad | 6 years ago | Reply Excellent article and Photos. Thanks
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